Toy Review: ArtFX First Order Stormtrooper Set

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After hearing Star Wars Action News’ review of the ArtFX First Order Stormtrooper set, I knew this was something I wanted to check out. The ArtFX statues were something I never got into as I’ve always leaned more toward articulated figures than statues. However, these figures are pretty cool and push the boundaries of what a statue can be.

The ArtFX First Order Stormtrooper set comes with two complete troopers, a bunch of extra legs and arms, and two display squares.

There are five sets of arms and four sets of legs, however there are duplicates of the sets so you can have both troopers strike the same pose. The one exception is a set of arms which includes a pointer left arm and a right arm that holds the blaster pointing straight up. Thus there are three different sets of arms, and two different sets of legs. That said, there are a lot of combinations you can do with all those arms and legs.

Each trooper comes with two blaster rifles. One has the stock and one does not have a stock. The only articulated piece on the blaster is the foregrip which can be pulled down.

The heads are ball articulated so they have a lot of freedom of movement – left, right, up, down, and any angle in between. Here’s a shot of the downward limit.

And the upward limit. The waists also have some articulation allowing you to bend the figure forward a little, backward a little…

Or you can turn them left and right.

One of the arms has an articulated hand that can be rotated.

This is handy if you want to display the figure with both blasters.

There are magnets in the feet which cause the figures to stick to the display bases. The magnets work really well and it’s a great feature.

As you can see, the magnets are powerful enough that the legs will stand by themselves.

The arms and legs pull off and push on to slotted pegs. They fit snugly enough that the limbs won’t simply fall off and the design is sturdy enough that they won’t break. It’s kind of a soft plastic.

Now the arms can easily be mixed and matched, however the legs don’t mix and match so well. One set of legs is for standing straight up, and one is a crouched like battle position. If you try to do the right battle leg with the left standing leg, it causes the figure to kind of lean back. The feet won’t stand flat on the display stand, but the magnets will keep the figure upright.

Here’s another pose example with the same leg combo.

Now if you go the other way and use the left battle leg with the right standing leg, the figure will lean forward. Again the feet are not flat but the figure will stand.

Here’s another shot showing how far they lean forward.

Here’s a shot of the back of the figure. Not a lot to look at but there’s still an attention to detail. Note the blaster pistol attached to the leg. Sadly the blaster pistol is not removable.

Here’s a rear shot of the standing trooper pose.

Now let’s go through all the arm combinations starting with the unique pointing arm. Here is the standing figure with blaster down.

Blaster up which utilizes the other unique arm.

And blaster sideways. The sideways arm isn’t as useful as the others as it presses the gun against the arm which is kind of silly. Thus this isn’t a pose you would want to use for display.

Here you can kind of see how the blaster juts up to the arm and bends a little. Note this trooper is use the battle pose legs.

Battle pose with blaster down and that accusing finger.

And then blaster up.

The downward left arm is another arm that isn’t as useful for posing because it just looks odd if it isn’t paired with the other downward arm. This arm would have been a lot more useful if the hand was articulated so you could rotate it. Sadly it’s not.

Downward arm with sideways blaster arm.

And the proper pose – downward arm and downward blaster arm.

Here’s the same combos with the battle pose legs.

One of the most useful arms is the articulated hand left arm. It allows you to pose the figure with two blasters. Since the set comes with four blasters, you can pose each figure with duel weapons.

Here’s sideways and upward.

Here it is with the downward arm. Note with the articulated hand, you can spin the other blaster so it’s not always just pointing up.

If you opt not to put another blaster in the articulated hand, it looks kind of lame.

Unless you use the sideways arm. Then it works.

Here it is with the last combination.

The ArtFX figures are on an 8-inch scale, so they don’t match the Hasbro 6-inch Black Series.

And they don’t match the Disney Elite Series.

But they still look cool.

There’s enough room on the display stand that you can fit both figures on the same one, which can be fun for dynamic team shots.

In the end, this is a great set. They’re very reasonably priced and if you wanted to troop build, you could go crazy with this set. It’s also a perfect set to pair with Captain Phasma, which is another figure available in the ArtFX line. With all the extra limbs, pose combinations, and the limited articulation, these statues go above and beyond normal statues. They’re not too big, and not too expensive, which makes them perfect for display and collectors with limited budgets. If you don’t have any ArtFX statues, this is a great starter piece. Try it out and see what you think. Personally, I don’t think I’m going to go too crazy with them, but I would like to pick up the Phasma to make it a nice three figure set. Definitely worth the money.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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