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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 017 focuses on Star Wars side characters. They cover Rex, Hondo, Dex, the Crimson Corsair, Maz Kanata, Nien Nunb, Satine, Cad Bane, Asajj Ventress, Hux and Poe. Kind of an interesting episode. They don’t dig too deeply into any one thing, rather they cover the spectrum touching on different elements of the entire saga.

Assembly of Geeks: Evil Captain America and the Raging Fandoms covers news, Tom Hiddleston playing Bond, the video game No Man’s Sky, the high expectations, and the extreme reactions of fans which leads into a discussion of fan reactions in general. They also talk about how Mel Gibson almost played Odin and they have┬áRuss Burlingame on to talk about Captain America being a Hydra agent. Great episode. If you’re not listening to Assembly of Geeks, be sure to give it a try. It’s a great podcast for all your geek fandoms with top notch audio quality, hosts and discussions.

Awards Chatter: Jeff Daniels interview covers the actor’s career as he talks about how he got into acting, his first couple rolls, doing both theater and movies, his comeback with Dumb and Dumber, doing Newsroom, and the play he’s currently doing, Blackbird. He talks about his commitment to the roles and his outlook on his career. It’s a great interview. Definitely give it a listen. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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