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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 014 focuses on the music of The Phantom Menace as they talk about the soundtrack and John Williams. Good episode for music fans.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 015 is a fun one as they go through alternate directors for the prequels. There’s some interesting choices, and the hosts provide their reasons for each, describing what these other directors could have brought to the table. Very intriguing and thought provoking. Good stuff.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 016 puts Matthew in the hot seat as John grills him on the special edition of A New Hope. It’s a fun dissection of the film and the changes. One thing I will note, not everyone who says they would like the original Star Wars wants a quasi original with some changes or modifications. I’d like to have a copy of the original just to be able to view it in all it’s original glory, flaws and all. It’s a piece of history, after all, and should be preserved if possible.

Assembly of Geeks: Cancelling Agent Carter, The Muppets & Disney Infinity starts with the introduction of their new host, Emily, then they talk game, Disney Infinity, Booster Gold movie, and TV shows being cancelled. Great episode and I really like the new host. Emily brings a lot to the table for some fun discussion.

Blast Points: Episode 21 features guest Brad Torreano as they talk a very interesting Star Wars subject that I’ve never heard anyone go into detail about – Turkish Star Wars. They touch on some of the Star Wars rip off films, but go into exquisite detail on this ridiculously fun but awful sounding movie. Definitely a good episode to check out, both informative and entertaining, upbeat and funny.

BNN (Bombad Radio): Episode 5.23.2016 covers the news this week including movies, television and more.

Brews and Blasters: Episode #71 is hosted by Joe and special guest Scott Ryfun (My Star Wars Story). Scott talks a little about the Dinner For Geeks civil war and My Star Wars Story copy cats. They go into The Force Awakens Blu-ray releases, Marvel cancelling Darth Vader, Animal Kingdom, Star Wars Celebration Orlando, KISS, Scott’s origin story, need’em got’em and the horror of twist ties. Hilarious and endlessly entertaining show. It earns my pick of the week.

Children of the Force: Episode 37 covers news including the new Han Solo actor, Disney Infinity being cancelled, and the LEGO Freemaker show. They also cover how Bloodline affects TFA speculation, listener feedback and more. Fun episode.

Cloud City Casino: Episode 048 features guest host Steve Glosson who joins Michael to talk Star Wars collecting, vintage, modern, Black Series, and they even get into the Expanded Universe. Great episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 89 is a reviews and rumors episode. They review C-3PO #1, Star Wars #18, and Poe Dameron #2 with some nice love for Agent Terrix. Then they talk a little Star Wars Rebels and Ahsoka’s fate, go into a Rey parent theory, and dive into rumors with what’s in the tank for Rogue One, the Episode VIII Falcon, a possible script leak on Reddit and more.

Fly Casual: Episode 90 starts with news as they talk about Mark Hamill, Sam Jackson wanting back in, a “free” 3D model, Vader comic coming to an end, and Ewan’s recent comments. Then they get into toy news including a possible Black Series astromech three pack, new Funko Pops, video game news with Disney Infinity coming to an end and a new Battlefront announced. Plus some Fantasy Flight Games. Fun episode as always.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXVIII is hosted by Mike and Bryan as they talk a little about Disney Infinity going away and the leaked Rogue One info, but no worries, they don’t go into the details of the names and characters leaked. Afterwards they tackle some listener feedback which leads to fun discussions, and then there’s audio from a recent panel Bryan did covering fandom, bullying and stereotypes. Good episode.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 12 features two guests, Kelly Cercone and Leetal Platt. Kelly and Leetal won the Her Universe Fashion Show last year and were able design some Her Universe Hot Topic pieces. They talk about what the process was like, the challenges involved, and their creative processes. Nice episode shedding light on the fashion industry and what’s involved.

Jedi Beat: Episode #4 is a fun episode defending the Ewoks and covering some of the main reasons why people dislike them. As a Ewok lover, I really enjoyed this one.

Rebels Chat: Episode 42 covers Star Wars: The Clone Wars episodes 1 through 4 as they go through each episode and share their thoughts and observations. Kinda cool as by doing a retro look now, they can compare things to Star Wars Rebels.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 120 begins with Rich having trouble saying the word tangential, which becomes an ongoing joke. They plan ahead for Star Wars Celebration Orlando (and tickets are already on sale by the way), say goodbye to Disney Infinity, and talk with guests Will and Lem (Inside Infinity podcast) about the game’s cancellation. Afterwards Michael Corley joins them to talk about Vox Box Star Wars Comic Book Podcast. Fun episode.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 476 includes two guests, Ryan and Amy from Star Wars Collecting Cosmos, as they talk about May 4th collectibles. They also talk comics, have a rundown from Celebrations past, get into some S.H. Figuarts, and Brock share’s his Bloodline review.

Star Wars Book Club: Episode 32 finishes their discussion of Claudia Gray’s Lost Stars. They share their thoughts on the ending and their overall thoughts of the book.

Star Wars Collectors Cast: Episode 64 includes a conversation with Gus Lopez, a cool audio clip from a panel which gives a nice rundown on the history of the rocket firing Boba Fett, then they talk with Steve Sansweet about his May 4th event and they wrap the episode up with a Pablo Hidalgo Q&A.

Star Wars New Canon Book Club: Episode 7 is their Rogue One trailer discussion as they touch on the similarities to Dark Forces with lots of fun observations and analysis.

Tarkin’s Top Shelf: Episode 5 covers Bloodline as the hosts give some great observations on the book, parallels between Leia and Vader, and connections between the book and the films.

Unmistakably Star Wars: Episode 31 covers lots of news points with lots of discussion on each. From John Boyega comments to the Vader comic coming to an end. They also take a bit of time to discuss whether Star Wars is a national epic. At 53 minutes in, they have an interview with Star Wars author Alexander Freed to talk about his book Twilight Company, then they continue their ongoing review of Bloodline with chapters 11 through 20.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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