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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blast Points: Episode 16 starts with a little Yoda and Maz Kanata news, their thoughts on the Blu-ray, and leads to their main discussion of Star Wars deleted scenes. This one is a fun one. They each cover their top 10 favorite deleted scenes from all seven films which leads to some hilarious discussion. I loved the idea of restoring all the deleted scenes for a TPM supercut longer than ever with an hour long podrace. Great episode with lots of laughs.

Blast Points: Episode 18 had me smiling three seconds into the episode. They touch on news, then head into a full discussion on Shadows of the Empire. It’s marvelous. They cover the book, the comics, the soundtrack and even the tv and movie tie-ins in all their goofy glory. A must listen to episode. Great coverage and tons of fun. This episode is definitely my pick of the week.

Blast Points: Episode 19 features guest Tom Berges, creator of I Grew Up Star Wars. Tom talks about how the website got started, hearing about Star Wars the first time, collecting, The Holiday Special, the radio dramas, Plastic Galaxy and more. It’s kinda like listening to an episode of My Star Wars Story. Pretty fun.

BNN (Bombad Radio): Episode 5.2.2016 covers the new Call of Duty game in space, the Paramount lawsuit over Transformers 4 product placement, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them new book, Maze Runner sequel delay, new Bioware game teased, no livestreaming of Hall H for SDCC, the Nintendo NX console, Zelda delay, Star Wars: Bloodline getting input from Star Wars Episode VIII director Rian Johnson, and the Tomb Raider reboot and actress reveal.

Bombad Radio: Episode 237 features a fun interview with composer Peter McConnell who talks about the challenges of making video game music back in the day, working on Brutal Legend and doing a heavy metal version of the Imperial March, doing music for Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft and finding the right angle to approach the music, and more. Worth checking out as Peter has some good stories and has worked on some fun projects.

Bombad Radio: Episode 238 features Jeremiah and James as they tackle listener emails which leads to discussions of DC animated films, movies they’re looking forward to, voice actors, Star Wars book recs, what DC movies they’d like to see, and thoughts on the Star Wars Character Encyclopedia.

Brews and Blasters: Episode #68 is hosted by Joe and Mike Audette as they talk about all the podcasts on Retrozap and the upcoming ones – Dune Cast and Retrozap Game Club. They also talk about PAX East which they went to, Oscar Isaac’s old band, early thoughts on Bloodline, need’em got’em, a rundown on all of Retrozap’s columns and writers, and listener emails. Fun episode as usual. Mike did a good job of filling in for Chris.

Children of the Force: Episode 34 covers elevators in Star Wars (an excellent observation), they re-enact Rogue One, talk about the Bloodline tie-in story “Sabotage” and more. Fun episode.

Coffee With Kenobi: Coffee Chat with Mike Audette covers the Rogue One trailer, the Star Wars Rebels finale, fan experiences and the Star Wars Podcasting Awards.

Fly Casual: Episode 86 is live from Indiana Comic Con as they talk a little about the John Rhys Davies panel, the Star Wars cosplay they’ve seen, 6-inch Black Series figures going for $30 each, and the 501st/Rebel Legion panel. It’s a short episode, about a half hour, but it’s a fun listen.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXIV discusses the balance of the Force. They talk about the Mortis arc from Star Wars: The Clones Wars, the Star Wars Rebels season finale “Twilight of the Apprentice”, the films, and all the connections in between.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXV features guests Holly Frey and Joe Moses as they talk about VHS tapes, the Teach Me You Did campaign, and the role of teachers in Star Wars. They cover Yoda as a teacher, Qui-Gon as a teacher, Obi-Wan, and even Palpatine as a teacher of the dark side. They wrap the conversation up with how Star Wars has taught us in real life. It’s a fun subject and a good episode.

Galactic Fashion: Episode 11 covers new stuff, clothes, jewelry, Gamestop exclusives, and guest Travis Grimm who talks men’s fashion, wearing Her Universe, and Disneybounding. Afterwards they have a second guest, James Floyd, aka Jawa James, who talks about Wear Star Wars Everyday, men’s fashion, and Disneybounding.

Jedi Journals: April 2016 episode covers the usual lit news plus a review of Tales From A Galaxy Far, Far Away: Aliens Vol. 1, and an error in Star Wars Insider Magazine.

Lattes With Leia: Episode #4 covers home and Star Wars. From homes in the Star Wars universe to putting Star Wars in your home, they cover in-universe and out-of-universe the concept of home. Plus where would you live in Star Wars and what do you call your home? Those important questions and more. Kind of an interesting topic and definitely one they could return to.

Rebel Force Radio: The Force Awakens Commentary with Sam Witwer is another must listen to episode. Sam really dominates this one as he chimes in with intriguing insights and hilarious comments. From a great observation of Finn’s character to commentary by Arnold Schwarzenegger, this one’s a blast.

Rebels Chat: Episode 40 features a nice, fun review of the comics Kanan #6 through #12. It does touch on spoilers and is a pretty good walkthrough of the issues if you haven’t read them but would still like to know what happened.

Rebels Reactions (Coffee With Kenobi): The Forgotten Droid has a nice scene-by-scene summary and review of the Star Wars Rebels episode. It has good audio quality and is pretty thorough.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 118 covers the Disney Dark Side Marathon meet-up as Rich and Sarah podcast live from Disney World with a bunch of friends. They all weigh in on the marathon and what it was like, as well as some of the difficulties encountered.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 474 covers toy news on all fronts, an in hand report of all The Force Awakens Blu-ray releases, Rogue One news and upcoming items, a really nice review of the S.H. Figuarts First Order Stormtrooper, and an intriguing review of the ARTFX First Order 2 pack.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 475 covers Indiana Comic Con, LEGO, May the 4th sales, new Black Series figures hitting the pegs, and a review of the 6-inch Black Series Jango Fett, Flametrooper, Finn Stormtrooper, old Han, Ahsoka and A New Hope Luke. Wrapping things up, Steve has a con report from the UK covering Star Wars Family Fun Day and all The Force Awakens actors he met.

The Cantina Cast: Episode 128 is live from Indiana Comic Con. They talk about the new LEGO tv show, Mads Mikkelsen’s character in Rogue One, lots of speculation on Vader’s role in the movie and lots of Rogue One talk, plus some non-spoiler books discussion. Around 35 minutes in, they have a nice interview with author John Jackson Miller who talks about his Star Wars books and a little about his upcoming Star Trek novels which ends the episode. Believe it or not, this is the first time I’ve tuned into The Cantina Cast. I liked what I heard so I’ll be tuning into some more.

The TumblingSaber Podcast: Episode #21 begins with a little hockey talk, the Rey chosen one reincarnation theory, R2 being the keeper of the Journal of the Whills, and whether the Skywalker saga should end. Then they interview OVMF composer Jocelyn Leblanc who talks about the concerts they do, doing Star Wars music without a string section, growing up with the music of Star Wars, the challenges of writing the music the complexities of John Williams’ compositions, his thoughts on The Force Awakens music, and the future of Star Wars music. It’s a very interesting conversation and definitely worth checking out. After the interview the hosts have some more discussion as they talk sports, food, Episode VIII costumes, J.J. reworking Rey/Finn relationship and other rumors. The episode has pretty good sound quality, and while I’m not real big on news and rumors, the interview is really good.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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