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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

501stCast: Episode 94 covers news, their thoughts on the Rogue One trailer which is kind of funny since they do it from an Imperial viewpoint, troop reports including a visit to the White House, upcoming events and more.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 010 goes back to Legends as they talk about EU books that are still worth reading, touching on different eras, and their favorites. Excellent episode for fans who want to get an idea of which books they should try out. They even touch on some of their favorite canon comics and novels.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 011 discusses lightsabers. From the light side to the dark side, their favorites, the colors, creating them and more. Nice discussion.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 012 goes over The Force Awakens Blu-ray special features and how low it compares to other special features. I have to agree, the special features for TFA were nothing to gloat about and were pretty disappointing.

Beyond the Vote: Episode #008 covers Trump and Cruz’s numbers, Tump not knowing how the election process works, Ben Carson’s comments, and a little bit on Paul Ryan. Good episode.

Blabba the Hutt: Episode 20 touches on some really fun topics. First of all, they talk about watching The Force Awakens while listening to Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon and a bunch of ways the two line up which sounds pretty awesome and is very tempting to try out. Then, sticking with TFA, they point out some interesting things they’ve noticed since watching it on Blu-ray like how Rey’s lightsaber fighting style is very similar to Palpatine and how Chewbacca uses his hands a lot. Then they get into some news like Episode VIII filming in Ireland, the cover the Rogue One Trailer, and review C-3PO #1, Poe Dameron #1 and Star Wars #17.

BNN: Episode 4.18.16 covers the Pokemon movie, AMC Theaters and texting, Avatar sequels, The Killing Joke, Deadpool 2, Disney breaking ground on Star Wars Land, Game of Thrones wrapping up, and M. Night Shyamalan rebooting Tales From the Crypt.

Bombad Radio: Episode 235 features an interview with voice actor Mark C. Hanson. Mark talks about his career, voicing Optimus Prime and Universal, Starlight for Rainbow Brite, talks some shop about mics and equipment he uses and provides some tips on how to make your audio sound better. Good interview with fun and useful content. Another nice addition to Bombad Radio’s growing collection of voice actor interviews.

Brews and Blasters: Episode 67 starts with a farewell to Prince, #FettQuest for the prototype Elite Series Boba Fett, breakfast tacos and scotch eggs, a spoiler free review of C-3PO #1, the reveal of new elite stormtroopers, need’em got’em, eating happabores and a funny discussion on strange foods, Joe opens up a Walgreens exclusive Vader, and they do a commentary for the first 30 minutes of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars movie. Great episode as always with lots of laughs of fun discussion.

Children of the Force: Episode #33 covers what they’re up to, they discuss the Rogue One trailer, do some fun impersonations (note Anna does a really good Jyn Erso), cover upcoming stuff and goof off about vibro blades. Lot of fun.

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode #53 covers a bunch of stuff and includes two conversations with guests delving into Star Wars. First up is Steve Sansweet who talks about food collection, Rancho Obi-Wan, The Force Awakens and Rogue One. Then they talk with Connor Daniels, one of their Patreon contributors, about fandom, watching Star Wars from Revenge of the Sith to The Force Awakens, and their classic five questions.

Databank Brawl: Episode 7 features an unlikely match up with The Phantom Menace podracer Teemto Pagalies and Imperial dignitary Janus Greejatus. It’s disgruntled podracer jockey versus guy with a garish hat. Fun episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 86 starts with news as they cover Episode VIII filming in Ireland, Celebration Europe host announcements, the J.J. Abrams interview with Chris Rock which leads to a discussion of directors commenting on films. They also cover the newly revealed elite troopers, an A-Wing being in Episode VIII, Oscar Isaac’s comments on the movie, and the Bring Back Legends movement which leads to an EU discussion. Afterwards they dig into toys as they cover Hallmark, new Black Series wave, LEGO The Force Awakens game and minifig exclusives, Gamestop mini-busts and the lifesize Boba Fett which is pretty funny. As usual, fun discussion with plenty of laughs and tons of entertainment. Love this podcast.

Force Center: Episode 11 discusses Rey’s parents, the composer for Rogue One, the actor in the lead for the Han Solo role, some more Rogue One, some fun impersonations, and their thoughts on improving the movies versus leaving them be. Fun episode. If you haven’t checked this podcast out yet, be sure to give them a listen. They’ve got good hosts, good audio quality and great discussions.

Full of Sith: Episode CLXIII dives into the comics as they talk a look at C-3PO #1 and Poe Dameron #1, sharing their thoughts on both and avoiding spoilers. Bryan also talks a little about Star Wars: Bloodlines without spoiler anything, they cover some of the new Battlefront content and Scout’s ingenuitive play style of the Jabba’s palace level, plus they get into listener emails. Good episode, fun discussion, and even a little Batman v. Superman.

Geek Out Loud: Episode 176 tackles Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice as Steve airs out his feelings and goes over listener emails on the movie. Steve also gets into Rogue One on this episode.

Hangin’ with Team Kanan: Episode 12 features guest Sal Perales as they talk Quinlan Vos. They cover the canon Vos vs the Legends Vos, the comics, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Dark Disciple. Very fun and enjoyable episode. My favorite part was Sal’s insight on what if Quinlan kept Asajj’s lightsaber and/or armor and could use it to remember her always since he can quite literally experience memories from items.

Radio 1138: Episode 42 covers the Royals visiting the Episode VIII set, a nice segment on The Force Awakens Blu-ray extras as well as audio from guests weighing in on the extras including Steve and Teresa from Disney Vault Talk. The episode also covers Rogue One, Avatar sequels, and has interviews with TFA puppeteer Dilu Miah and TFA actress Katy Kartwheel.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 4.22.2016 they talk a little Star Wars: Bloodlines without getting into any spoilers, they cover J.J. Abrams’ comments in this Chris Rock interview, Mark Hamill on the Episode VIII set, Luke’s costume description, Star Wars film release dates, Avatar sequels and theme park, Zuvio article, new Daisy Ridley/J.J. Abrams project, and listener emails.

Rebel Grrrl: Episode 30 is a nice Star Wars general discussion episode as they tackle some news and listener emails. One thing I really liked about this episode is that listeners get to hear a lot of the hosts’ opinions on different topics. It’s interesting because the hosts often don’t agree so you get a well balanced variety of viewpoints. Plus, as a recent listener, it helps me get a better idea of the hosts and their views on Star Wars. Great episode for new listeners to tune into.

Rebel Grrrl: Episode 31 covers some costume descriptions for Episode VIII, A-Wings being in the movie, J.J. Abram’s comments on Rey’s parents, the hosts’ concerns about Rey’s parents and speculation on her training. They also cover the viewer stats for Star Wars Rebels season two, listener emails, sexualizing Rey, and mexican food. Fun episode with a variety of topics.

Star Wars Podcast Awards: it’s fitting that the Star Wars Podcast Awards announce their winners with nothing less than a podcast in itself. Hosted by Andy Ury and Mike Audette, the Star Wars Podcast Awards garnered over 23,000 votes for 220 podcasts in 16 categories. Each category is present by the hosts of a different podcast as they go through the nominees and announce the winner. There’s great audio quality and some of the presenters have some real fun. Plus you get to find out who won! Click here to check out the podcast. For all their hard work, this one easily earns my pick of the week.

Take Cover: Episode 3 begins with a little Aftermath discussion now that it’s out in paperback, they touch on other new releases, they talk with Darth Vader comic writer Kieron Gillen which is pretty cool, they get into comic reviews, upcoming releases, what they’d like to see in an Ahsoka novel, and a great little interview with comic writer John Ostrander who wrote a lot of comics in the Legends line. There review of Poe Dameron #1 wraps things up for a pretty good episode. The Ostrander interview was definitely the highlight. Worth checking out.

Tarkin’s Top Shelf: Episode 4 covers Paul S. Kemp’s Lords of the Sith as they go into an in-depth review of the book. There are some spoilers, so fair warning.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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