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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Blabba the Hutt: Episode #19 is their Star Wars Rebels season two finale roundtable episode. Jamie and Kate are joined by friends Gary, Matt and Rod as they discuss the episode. With four Irish guys and just one girl, it’s not the most diverse roundtable, but it’s okay. I think the regular episodes have a lot better dynamic between just Jamie and Kate. The roundtable isn’t a bad idea, but it might benefit from a different selection of guests.

Blast Points: Episode 12 covers some Episode VIII rumor/leaks/news like Luke being in a casino, they talk about Donnie Yen’s Instagram account, Rogue One speculation, Star Wars Rebels “Mystery at Chopper Base” thoughts, Gary Whitta writing more Star Wars Rebels episodes, who’s Rey, her role/destiny and the importance of Kenobi, and a deep dive into Rey’s vision as they analyze the audio with a complete breakdown of both left, center, front right, etc audio channels. Very interesting as you can pick up a lot of stuff you wouldn’t ordinarily catch.

Blast Points: Episode 15 is a special mini-episode devoted to the Rogue One trailer as they talk about Mon Mothma, the droid character, the lack of Mads, the tone and more as they go through it scene-by-scene. Funny episode with some good observations.

BNN (Bombad Radio): Episode 4.11.16 covers the Baldur’s Gate expansion pack, Zelda, lightsaber battles, Netflix prices going up, a Mega Man cartoon, Batman in Suicide Squad, and the Rogue One teaser trailer. Short and sweet, a good burst of news.

Comic Book Noob: The Punisher & Elektra starts off with Elektra as they talk about her background, first appearance, death and return. Then they cover the Punisher, his code, his origin, and the appeal of the character. Plus they give their comic recommendation. Good episode and nice tie-in for Daredevil fans.

Fly Casual: Episode 84 covers the Rogue One trailer with a full 40 minute rundown. It’s a good discussion. Afterwards they get into the TFA Blu-ray release, their thoughts on the bonus features, JJ’s comments on Kylo’s ashes, Adam Driver on the Episode VIII director, Maz Kanata returning, comics coming out on May 4th and a toy report.

Fly Casual: Episode 83 starts with reviews as they go through Kanan #12, Star Wars #17, Obi-Wan & Anakin #3, Star Wars Rebels “The Forgotten Droid” and “Mystery of Chopper Base.” Then they get into rumors as they discuss leaked pictures of Episode VIII aliens and characters, Laura Dern’s character, the Rogue One crawl, some pre-release Star Wars Rebels finale discussion, fun with Rogue One call names and sequel titles. Good episode.

Fly Casual: Episode 82 is a news and toys episode. They talk about The Force Awakens Blu-ray leaking online and Amazon dropping prices, Dubrovnik filming finished, filming in Ireland, the final four Han Solo casting choices, The Force Awakens comic adaptation, and Daisy Ridley being offered the role of Lara Croft. Then they break for a fairly lengthy Pappaw Ginn skit which packs a laugh, then move on to toys such as new Hot Wheels pack, Japanese playset, and some kind of chocolate egg toy. Fun episode.

Full of Sith: Rebels Season 2 Finale Q&A starts with a quick setup from Amy then heads into the full audio for the Star Wars Rebels season two red carpet finale Q&A event. If you haven’t listened to the Q&A yet, this is a good way to check it out.

Hangin’ With Team Kanan: Episode 11 covers the Star Wars Rebels season finale “Twilight of the Apprentice.” They talk about blind Kanan, Ahsoka being alive, Ezra and the dark side, and the Ahsoka/Vader face-off not being as important. Three hosts with a nice variety of opinions, this is a good episode to check out if you’re looking for more coverage and discussion of the finale. They keep it fun with good audio quality.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 4.8.2016 covers Disney lightsabers then heads into their Rogue One trailer discussion. Afterwards they kick things up another notch with a conversation with Dave Filoni covering Star Wars Rebels. Dave talks about Ahsoka and Vader with some good insights into Vader’s thinking, he touches on nods to Mortis and Moriband, Ezra going to the dark side, George, and Rogue One. They wrap up the episode with voicemail. Definitely a must listen for the Filoni interview.

Rebel Yell: Twilight of the Apprentice covers the Star Wars Rebels finale with Steve, Teresa, Kay and Erich as they tackle the tough questions – why did Yoda send them? Did they fail? Can Ezra walk the path of the Jedi and use the Sith holocron? They talk about Maul, the Eighth Inquisitor, Malachor, Ahsoka’s ending and Sarah sneaks on at the end of the show to talk a little about the music. Fun episode as always.

Rebels Chat: Episode 38 covers the Star Wars Rebels season two finale “Twilight of the Apprentice.” This time is Johnamarie and Maria weighing in with their thoughts on Ezra, Vader, Ahsoka, Kanan and Maul. They give a very thorough review going through the episode scene-by-scene.

Star Wars Bookworms: Episode #56 covers their April Fool’s Harry Potter Bookworms prank, the book club, the new Ahsoka novel announcement, listener emails, then some comic reviews. They review Star Wars Volume 1 and Kanan Volume 1, sharing their thoughts on each, what they liked, what they didn’t like, and how the comics compare to others. Good episode.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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