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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review. Warning, Star Wars Rebels spoilers below.

Aggressive Negotiations: Issue 009 is the second part of their Breaking Anakin discussion. They talk about why Yoda should have trained Anakin, Anakin living a lie, whether giving him a padawan was a good idea, Padme’s role in Anakin’s fall, and whether Obi-Wan was to blame. Great discussion.

Blast Points: Episode 13 is devoted to the Star Wars Rebels finale “Twilight of the Apprentice.” They talk about the great use of Maul, why Yoda sent Ezra to Malachor, the look of Vader’s face, Kanan being blind, and where the series will go from here. Great mini-episode with fun discussion and some humor.

Brews and Blasters: Episode #64 dives right into the Star Wars Rebels season two finale “Twilight of the Apprentice.” They talk about punches being pulled with deaths off screen, Kanan now being Ram Kota, listener feedback on the finale, Maul being there, where his lightsaber came from, what happened to the Darksaber, Mike Audette joins them as they get into Maul being over Kenobi, Vader battle damage. Dengar Dan jumps in and they talk helicopter lightsabers, Ezra’s lightsaber being destroyed, the temple guard connection, and is Ahsoka alive. Courtney joins them as they discuss whether Ahsoka’s story should have come to an end, what did Yoda send them after, Yoda and bad advice, Ezra and the Sith holocron, Vader’s eyebrow, and there’s one more guest, Mike McDonald. It’s a fun roundtable discussion.

Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 57 features special guest Amy Ratcliffe as they talk Star Wars, writing for websites, and fandom. Great conversation and worth checking out.

Hangin’ With Team Kanan: Episode 10 covers the Star Wars Rebels episode “The Mystery of Chopper Base.” They talk about why spiders are crazy, why no one saved Dicer, goodbyes, owls, symbolism, and their predictions for the finale. Episode 11 is also out and covers the finale, so you can listen to both to find out their thoughts on the epic conclusion to season two.

Radio 1138: Episode 41 starts with Matt talking with Jay Benedict at Bournemouth Film and Comic Con. Jay was not only played Deak in Star Wars, but also played Newt’s dad in Aliens. Then Matt speaks with Kevin Hudson who was a Resistance guy in The Force Awakens. They also talk with Star Wars actors Ralph Brown, Neil Bishop and Kevin Hudson. As they move on to Memorabilia in Birmingham, they talk with Suzi Stelling about the Rebel Legion, Sandeep Mohan (The Force Awakens), Rony Bridges (Star Wars, Outlander), Hugh Spight (Return of the Jedi, Dark Crystal), and more. Then Mark and James share their thoughts on Star Wars Rebels, Billy Dee coming back for season three, and top things off with a long conversation with Warwick Davis about Star Wars and The Force Awakens. Plus there’s some audio of Carrie Fisher and John Boyega. Lot of stuff packed into this episode.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 4.1.2016 covers the release of The Force Awakens digitally, the red carpet press screening of “Twilight of the Apprentice”, some audio clips from the event with Dave talking about Rex being the old guy at Endor. Then they transition to Ewan McGregor who has been talking about doing more Star Wars movies. Afterwards they talk with Sam Witwer about playing Maul in Star Wars Rebels and being the first vampire to kill Buffy, and Ahsley Eckstein who talks Her Universe and more.

Rebel Yell: The Forgotten Droid and The Mystery of Chopper Base covers both episodes of Star Wars Rebels with two of my favorite Star Wars podcast hosts. Plus Erich joins them for the discussion. Fun as always.

Rebels Chat: Episode 37 covers Star Wars Rebels “The Mystery of Chopper Base.” They give their thoughts on the episode and their predictions for the finale. It’s a different set of viewpoints to add to your podcast lists, and a great way to extend your Star Wars Rebels fix. Episode 38 is also out covering the finale so you can load up.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 115 covers the Star Wars Rebels season 2 finale press screening with a full rundown of what the event was like, who was there, and lots of audio clips from the Q&A that kicked things off. You’ll definitely want to check this one out. Note spoilers start at 20 minutes into the episode.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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