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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

The 602 Club: Band of Beings covers the Star Wars book Twlight Company. They don’t go into too many spoilers, so this one is pretty safe for all listeners. They talk about the book, the characters, some of the highlights, and interestingly enough, how the book actually ties into The Force Awakens. Now I read this book before I saw the movie, so I didn’t get to make any of those connections, but hearing them talk about it, I can definitely see how the book would fit in. Good episode and definitely worth checking out for Star Wars book fans.

Aggressive Negotiations: Episode 3 covers their favorite Star Wars ship designs. They talk about the design of the Millennium Falcon and the Rebel Blockade Runner, how one was almost the other and what that would have been like, the lack of whimsy with The Force Awakens‘ ships, and their favorite ship designs. Interesting episode.

Aggressive Negotiations: Episode 4 dives into a fun topic – Jedi training. They ponder about Jedi training in the sequel trilogy and what Luke’s Jedi Order would have been like. They analyse Yoda’s training, Obi-Wan’s training and even delve into the Jedi and sex. There’s lots on the Jedi philosophy and insightful observations on all the various training we’ve seen in Star Wars. Good episode. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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