Toy Review: S.H. Figuarts Battle Droid

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Battle Droids don’t get a lot of love, but when you need someone for your prequel characters to fight, they come in handy. S.H. Figuarts is currently the only toymaker with a 6-inch scale Battle Droid and they did an excellent job. It’s also perfect for giving Obi-Wan Kenobi someone to fight.

The figure comes with lots of articulation and three accessories, the main one being its Baktoid Armor workshop E-5 blaster rifle.

From front to back, the figure is highly detailed with nice little cuts for all of the droid’s markings and groves.

Note there are two articulation points for the ankles which is unique to this figure. One point is for left to right rotation (allowing you to angle the foot), and one is for up and down rotation of the foot. There are also articulation points at the knees and the hips.

The neck has two articulation points, one at the base of the head and one at the base of the neck. The head itself sits on a stem which allows for limited 360 degree positioning.

The arms have an interesting hinged articulation at the shoulders with a hinged flap over top of them. Pop the flap up, and you get more room for articulation (I have them closed in the picture). Right below the hinge there’s a swivel point allowing the arms to rotate near the top of the shoulder. The elbow has normal articulation with 180 degrees of movement. Thus the arm can be bent at a right angle forward or bent all the way backward at a 90 degree angle.

The wrists are on a stem which gives some range of movement in all directions. The thumb has a stem articulation point giving some movement in all directions, though it’s very stiff and feels a little frail so moving it is scary. The fingers have two points of articulation allowing you to open and close the hands.

The waist has a pivoting range of movement due to each of the connections having some range of movement of their own. It allows for very limited left and right movement, and a bit more up and down movement. The design is pretty complicated considering there’s two small arms coming up to the chest around the center trunk and all three points are constructed for movement.

Aside from the blaster rifle, the droid comes with two back pack antennas. There the extended antenna pictured below.

The antenna simply pulls out for removal.

And then there’s the retracted antenna. One other thing to note is the flap on the back of the droid’s head which is also articulated.

All of the articulation comes together to allow the Battle Droid to “huddle up” as seen in the movies when they’re scrunched up for transport.

Yet the real use of the Battle Droid is for combat.

Perhaps I should have said cannon fodder.

The one bad thing about the Battle Droid from S.H. Figuarts is the cost. You can get them for around $40 right now on eBay which is a little too pricey for troop building. Still a great addition to your collection, and they’ve got a Super Battle Droid in the works so you can start putting that Separatist droid army together. Overall, a great figure with excellent detail and articulation.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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