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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

501stCast: Episode 91 kicks off with Legion news, the induction of the new Chewbacca actor from The Force Awakens, troop reports, details on the special White House screening of The Force Awakens, and then the “Know A Legion” segment with Terry Chuii. Note if you already listened to the Know A Legion minicast, then you’ve already heard this segment so you’ll want to skip to the 49 minute mark where they get back to new stuff. Just a quick observation here – if you’re not that interested in Legion news, ie. hearing all the troop reports from the garrisons, then listening to the minicasts is the way to go as they’re way more appealing to general fans. However, if you’re wanting to stay up to date with what the 501st Legion is doing, then the main podcast episodes are the way to go.

Aggressive Negotiations: Episode 002 covers friendships and sexualizing friendships. They talk about the relationship between Poe and Finn, Rey and Finn, Han and Luke, and even Poe and BB-8. It’s an interesting episode.

Blast Points: *New Podcast* Episode 1 – This is a new podcast I’ve started listening to. Currently they’re up to seven episodes and their latest one includes Star Wars artist Joe Corroney, which I’m looking forward to listening to. However, I was really impressed with their first episode. It’s a discussion format show with two hosts, Jason and Gabe. In Episode 1 they tackle the “Where’s Rey” discussion, the desire for Kanjiklub toys, Rogue One rumors, and then their main discussion which focuses on defending The Force Awakens from common complaints. From it being a remake of A New Hope, to Rey’s sudden use of Force powers and the lack of politics, they cover quite a few of the big issues some people have been pointing out. There’s a couple things that really made this discussion stand out. First off, they break down the hero’s journey and how different elements in TFA each represent part of the journey. While I’ve heard other people point out a few things, I have yet to hear anyone take it to this level as they point out a lot of elements and cover far more of the hero’s journey than most people talk about. It’s pretty cool. They even bring up a nice parallel between Han dying and touching Kylo’s face to the scene in Attack of the Clones where Shmi dies and touches Anakin’s face. It’s a very entertaining podcast with some excellent discussion. The audio quality is decent, not great, but decent, and it’s a pro-Prequels podcast so no prequel hating here. Worth checking out. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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