The Great Podcast Diaspora of 2016

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For listeners of Rebel Force Radio, their move off of Shotglass Digital may have messed up your listening habits as all their associated Star Wars podcasts got split up and moved off to other sites and feeds. I know I’m still recuperating from the reorganization—whether it’s updating iTunes subscriptions or bookmarking the new sites—so I thought it might be handy to create a little guide to help other listeners track down their favorite shows now that they’ve moved to new places.

Fangirls Going Rogue

Fangirls Going Rogue now has their own website and a fancy new banner. With the same great hosts, it’s now easier than ever to find all their episodes to make sure you don’t miss out on any. Continue Reading The Great Podcast Diaspora of 2016…

Roqoo Depot Galleria Spotlight: Gabriele Dell’Otto

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One of the best things I can say about the Star Wars license moving to Marvel is some of the truly amazing artwork we’ve seen with the cover art. One artist in particular who really stands out is Gabriele Dell’Otto. Born in 1973, this 42 year old Italian artist has a remarkable skill with paints that makes comic covers look like fine art. And that’s because they are. Both an author and an illustrator, Dell’Otto has done covers for Marvel, DC, IPP, Egmont Ehapa and MG Publishing as well as scientific illustrations and historical calendars. But the thing that caught my eye was the variant covers he did for Marvel’s Princess Leia mini-series. They’re absolutely gorgeous. So today we’re spotlighting the Star Wars artwork of Gabriele Dell’Otto. Enjoy!

Continue Reading Roqoo Depot Galleria Spotlight: Gabriele Dell’Otto…

Podcasts in Review

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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Aggressive Negotiations: *NEW PODCAST* hosted by Matthew Rushing and John Mills who you might both recognize from podcasts. Episode 001 tackles the viewing order for the Star Wars films…kind of. It’s not much of a discussion since they both agree the proper viewing order is Episode I through VII and they don’t really get into the pro’s and con’s of the other viewing orders. Instead they mostly justify why they should be watched I through VII, they talk a little about the serial nature of the films, what it would be like to watch all the lightsaber fights including Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and whether The Force Awakens can standalone by itself. Certainly a topic for fertile ground, especially now that The Force Awakens is in the mix, but they only scratched the surface. Still worth a listen as there’s great audio quality and good hosts involved.

Bombad Radio: Episode 223 features another outstanding voice actor interview, this time with David Wald. Dave talks about how he went from Jazz in college to acting and voice acting, the intricacies of anime dubbing, his first exposure to anime, and why they sometimes redub old titles. He also talks about Halo Legends, his most challenging voice, working on Ghost in the Shell, cross-over from stage work to voice acting and vice versa, and more. Fascinating interview and worth a listen.

Bombad Radio: Episode 224 features a great interview with voice actress Debi Derryberry. Debi talks about how she got her last name, working with different directors like Miyazaki, voice acting and recognition, her singing career, being a body double, how she got into voice over, working on Free Willy and her upcoming projects. Debi has some very interesting stories to tell, and I hope she’ll be on again as I’d like to hear some more about her voice acting work for various cartoons and animated films as it isn’t until the end of the show that I realized she’s the voice of Jimmy Neutron. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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