Movie Review: ‘Jane Got A Gun’

February 1, 2016 at 12:01 am | Posted in Movies, Reviews | 2 Comments

I love westerns, but when you throw in three former Star Wars actors into the mix, it becomes a movie I have to see. Jane Got A Gun stars Natalie Portman, a woman whose husband is shot up, and rathern than abandoning him, decides to stand and fight the men who are after him. Those bad guys are led by none other than Ewan McGregor. To help her in her fight against these outlaws, she enlists an ex-soldier, played by Joel Edgerton. With a character focused plotline, it’s a good movie and worth seeing whether you’re a fan of westerns or Star Wars actors.

In the starring role, Natalie plays a woman named Jane Hammond. Through the story, we learn of her troubled past and how she’s ended up in the situation that she’s in. That includes how Ewan McGregor and his band of outlaws figure into the story. Natalie does a great job in the role, and I have to hand it to the writers for creating such a well balanced character. It’s not as heavy handed as say Sharon Stone in The Quick and the Dead. Yet Jane isn’t just some defenseless housewife. She’s capable and determined. With the help of Dan Frost, played by Edgerton, she makes her stand to defend what she loves. However, Dan’s own part in the story adds to the richness and complexity of it as we find he and Jane have a history together. As the story plays out and more is revealed, it really adds a lot to the film for both the characters involved and the overall plot. Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘Jane Got A Gun’…

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