Podcasts in Review

January 28, 2016 at 12:01 am | Posted in Podcasts, Podcasts in Review, Regular Feature, Reviews, Star Wars | Leave a comment

Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: Kid Friendly Deadpool & Legendary Hawkgirl covers the passing of Alan Rickman, one parent’s crusade to tame Deadpool, and a nice interview with the actress who is playing Hawkgirl in Legends of Tomorrow.

Brews and Blasters: Episode #52 brings up an interesting question – when is The Force Awakens leaving IMAX? They also talk about toy collecting, maps, wild fan theories, they share some Natalie Portman stories, and it’s another wide ranging, free flowing discussion revolving around Star Wars. Fun episode.

Collectors Cast: Episode 59 includes coverage of Farthest From 10 as Mark talks with┬áRichard Hutchinson about it. Then Mark and James talk about the Rey/Monopoly/Hasbro issue with some surprising defense for Hasbro. They also stick up for the Academy Awards and the show wraps up with a nice chat with Steve Sansweet. Continue Reading Podcasts in Review…

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