Movie Review: ’13 Hours’

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13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is a film I didn’t plan on seeing, but I’m glad I did. While there is a lot of deep undertones to the story and the political turmoil, 13 Hours doesn’t play out as a slap in the face to politics. Instead, it’s an intense war movie with likeable characters. It takes the time to develop the soldiers in the story, to allow viewers to bond with them, then it throws them into hell. Michael Bay might get a lot of flack for the Transformers franchise, but 13 Hours shows he’s a talented director who can do a compelling story and still has a couple surprises up his sleeve.

The movie focuses on the CIA contractors stationed at the secret CIA annex in Benghazi, Libya. Along with the diplomatic outpost there where Ambassador Chris Stevens was staying, both locations come under attack and it turns into a gripping tale of rescue and survival. There are lots of humanizing elements that bring the CIA contractors to life. You get a chance to bond with them which makes it even more tense and painful when their lives are put on the line. The actors do a great job of slipping into their roles and their characters. There’s no wooden acting. Michael Bay also does a great job of transitioning to character moments, storybuiling moments as the tension ramps up, and all out action as the firefights break out. It keeps you locked into the film from beginning to end. Continue Reading Movie Review: ’13 Hours’…

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