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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

BNN (Bombad Radio): Episode 11.30.2015 covers some Star Wars news with the name of planets, some Gremlins rumors, info on the Star Trek Renegades kickstarter, and all the usual movie, tv and comic news.

Bombad Radio: Episode 217 features an interview with Mass Effect composer Jack Wall. They talk about how he went from being an engineer to a video game music composer, getting into the game industry, the early games he worked on, different things he’s tried and experimented with, and there’s some nice music clips that accompany the interview. They cover games like Mass Effect, Call of Duty, Lost Planet and Mist. Very cool interview. I’ve never played Lost Planet but I loved the audio clip they played for it so I tracked down the soundtrack and found a bunch of music I liked. It’s always a nice bonus when a podcast can turn you on to something like that.

Brews and Blasters: Episode starts off with rum, pancakes and the club before they have a quick Q&A with Star Wars Rebels voice actress Vanessa Marshall. Then they have a really nice conversation with Anthony Breznican who talks about Star Wars and fandom. Good episode.

Children of the Force: Episode 19 features Al, Anna and Liam as they talk about the Star Wars: Battlefront and provide some interesting perspectives on the violence in the game. They also cover the PG-13 rating for Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It’s a nice discussion with multiple viewpoints. You get Al’s view as a parent, and the views of his daughter, Anna, and son, Liam. I think it’s kinda funny how protective Al is and then his kids chime in on how fun it is stabbing and slicing people with lightsabers in Battlefront. The episode is a lot of fun and worth checking out.

Collectors Cast: Episode #12 starts off with the UK’s Autumn Fair and all the collecting coverage from the event. Then they head into NYCC and the collecting coverage for that one, with Steve Sansweet wrapping up the episode. A little long, but lots of coverage for collectors both in the UK and the US.

Comic Book Noob: Supergirl Episode covers Superman’s cousin from Krypton. This was the first time I’ve listened to an episode of Comic Book Noob that left me disappointed. Whereas the episodes usually leave me enlightened on the comic book character they cover, this time around I was left feeling just as clueless as I was before the episode. I’m not sure why, but they didn’t cover the origins and evolution of the character. They also skipped over one of the biggest questions I had and that’s what separates Supergirl from Superman? They do talk about Supergirl’s sporadic appearances in comics, her death, her movie, and her appearances in Smallville and the new tv show. Might be a better episode for those somewhat familiar with the character already or those who have been watching the new tv show.

Fly Casual: Episode 67 begins with comic reviews for Chewbacca #3, Darth Vader #12, Star Wars #12, Vader Down #1, Kanan #9, and Star Wars Rebels reviews for “Wings of the Masters” and “Blood Sisters”. I skipped the rumors portion of the podcast since we’re so close to The Force Awakens, but otherwise a good episode.

Legends Library: Hard Target Episode covers Karen Traviss’ Republic Commando novel. First they start with a little news and some thoughts on canon books, specifically Aftermath. Then they go through Hard Target. Fair amount of spoilers if you haven’t read the book, but worth a listen for book fans who’d like to reminisce.

My Star Wars Story: Episode 16 features RebelForce Radio’s Jimmy Mac as he tells his Star Wars story. From childhood to adulthood, he covers growing up with Star Wars, his changing Star Wars fandom, getting into The ForceCast, meeting people like James Arnold Taylor, and there’s plenty of stories and memories to go around. Plus there’s some good bonus audio after the credits.

Rebel Force Radio: Episode 12.4.2015 begins with some discussion of Jason’s daughter Bailey and her experience watching Star Wars. They also cover an AT&T Uverse Star Wars special FJ and Kyle did along with a bunch of other guests. They talk about RFR moving off of Shotglass Digital and separating the feeds, plus lots of other stuff including sound bytes from all the stars on their talk show circuits for TFA. Good episode.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 102 features guest Tom Ameen who talks about his new album Journey Across the Stars with some clips of the songs. They’re pretty neat piano versions of some of the most famous Star Wars tracks. Afterwards Rich and Sarah get into the music for the latest Star Wars Rebels episodes which is a cool new feature. They dive into the instruments and provide sound clips. With all of that, it’s a jam packed music episode, but to round things out they have Kev­in­ ‘Raider Nerd’ Reitzel on to share some helpful tips for those planning to see a Star Wars movie marathon. Very timely considering I’ll be doing just that this December 17th. I hadn’t even thought about bringing a pillow but that’s a great idea. Be sure tune in for other good tips, and of course the excellent music discussion. Excellent episode.

Star Wars Report: Episode 194 features Mark, Riley and special guest Brian Brushwood as they talk about Star Wars: The Force Awakens, dive into trailers and tv spots, discuss avoiding spoilers, and cover the experience of the Alamo Drafthouse. Really good episode. Brian was a great guest. Would love to hear him on again. While the episode is a little old now, it holds up really well. Give this one a listen.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.


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  1. Thank you for the mention of Comic Book Noob. That’s some good constructive criticism and valid points. We’ll do better next time. As always, I appreciate your listening.

  2. We just covered The Perfect Weapon http://www.trek.fm/the-602-club/s12

    And we have covered The Thrawn Trilogy parts one and two so far.

  3. Sorry to sound harsh, it was still a good episode, just left me with a lot of questions still.

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