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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Brews and Blasters: Episode #44 covers their trip to Rhode Island Comic Con as they geek out on who they met and what the con was like. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun and very entertaining to hear them recount their experience with Oppo Rancisis himself. They also share their thoughts on Star Wars Rebels “Wings of the Master” and The Force Awakens international trailer. Great episode of Star Wars fans sharing their fandom.

Children of the Force: Episode #17 covers the anticipation for the release of The Force Awakens, why now might be a good time to stop reading, and getting tickets. Then they stop for some storytime as the host recounts his experience of waiting in line and seeing The Phantom Menace for its release. This is my first time listening to this podcast and I was very impressed. Not only do they have really good audio quality and nice music cues, but it’s done by a father and his daughter and son which presents a neat perspective as they share and geek out on Star Wars together. Very well done and a great episode. I really enjoy the storytime segment as there were some entertaining stories. I highly recommend giving this one a listen. I’ll definitely be seeking out more episodes to listen to.

Comic Book Noob: Jessica Jones & The Purple Man covers the first appearance of Jessica Jones in the comics as Jewel, her being a C-list character, a member of the Avengers, her run-in and relationship with the Purple Man, his origins and evil nature, both of their powers, and what we know about the upcoming show plus reading recommendations. I really enjoyed this episode as I had no knowledge of either character and they both sounded really interesting. If you plan on watching the show when it comes out, and you need find out more about the characters, this is definitely a good episode to check out. Comic Book Noob continues to not disappoint.

Comics With Kenobi: Issue #10 covers Chewbacca #3, Star Wars #11 and Darth Vader #12. Some spoilers, so don’t listen unless you’ve read the comics, but it’s a good discussion and one of the best places for Star Wars comic book coverage.

Dead Talks: Episode #47 (FYI it’s not up on the website yet but it is in iTunes) covers their full thoughts on “Always Accountable”. The consensus: it was a messed up episode. They breakdown the story threads, the mismatch pairing between Abraham and Sasha, and why the episode doesn’t work. Walking Dead fans, give this podcast a listen.

EndorCast: Episode 7 features Matt from Star Wars In Character as they talk about The Artmor Project, how it came about and the pieces up for auction. Good episode for those interested in, or who haven’t hear of, The Artmor Project. It’s a cool charity.

Fly Casual: Episode 65 kicks off with some reviews for Kanan #7, Chewbacca #2, Star Wars #11, and Star Wars Rebels episodes “Always Two There Are” and “Brothers of the Broken Horn.” Afterwards they dive into rumors as they cover over the international trailer for The Force Awakens. Now with how close we are to the movie coming out, I skipped the rumors portion of the episode so listen at your own risk, but the review portion was good as always.

Fly Casual: Episode 66 begins with some pre-show chat then heads into the TV spots, ticket sales, The Force Awakens special that was shown on Gray’s Anatomy, George Lucas and Lawrence Kasdan’s recent comments in interviews, and they wrap things up with a toy report. Fun episode with lots to enjoy for Star Wars fans. If you haven’t listened to the podcast, this would be a good episode to jump in with to get a taste of what they’re like.

Full of Sith: Episode CXLII features Bryan, Mike and special guest David Collins as they talk about Star Wars: Battlefront, The Force Unleashed, comics, Star Wars Oxygen and more. Afterwards Bryan interviews Star Wars author Alexander Freed covering his work with Star Wars video games, Star Wars Insider, and his recent novel Battlefront: Twilight Company. While there are some minor audio issues with the Alexander Freed interview portion of the episode, it’s still worth listen to and a good interview for book fans.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 11.20.2015 quickly runs down all the tv spots and trailers so far, Jimmy talks about some upcoming events he’s doing, they comment on Wired’s article about how we won’t live to see the last Star Wars movie, and then they dig into an interview George Lucas did where he discusses his involvement and departure from The Force Awakens. Jason and Jimmy cover their plans for their TFA episode after the movie’s release, EW’s coverage of Hux, Starkiller base and more, plus some audio from Omaze and a Harrison Ford discussion. It’s a jam packed episode with lots of great Star Wars topics. Definitely a good listen.

Rebel Yell: Always Two There Are and Brothers of the Broken Horn is a double header, but it’s also a long wait to the reviews as they open the first 40 minutes of the show with coverage of Disney’s Season of the Force, the retirement of Star Wars Weekends, a discussion on The Force Awakens international trailer and the 1st TV spot. Then they get to the reviews for Star Wars Rebels. No guests on this one, just Steve and Teresa going all out on Star Wars. Lots of fun as usual and always a good podcast to check out.

Rebels Reactions (Coffee With Kenobi): Wings of the Master episode covers the episode from Star Wars Rebels with guest Tom Gross. Tom and Dan talk about Hera and what they did with her character in this episode, the use of Quarrie, the B-Wing and more. Good episode.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 101 starts with some discussion of the Star Wars Holiday Special, then they dive into Season of the Force with lots of guests and coverage of what’s happening at the park. They also cover the recent Disney marathon runs they did. Superb episode and always a joy to listen to.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 463 is their Black Friday and holiday gift guide. While all the Black Friday deals have come and gone, it’s still worth a listen just to hear what you might have missed out on and to get some ideas for Christmas. The holiday gift guide portion of the episode is even better for ideas as the break it down into price categories (high to low) and provide some excellent suggestions. I really appreciated their Etsy ideas. Be sure to follow the link to their webpage as they have a complete breakdown with links for all the products they mention. If you need to create a gift list, it’s a great link to share.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 462 covers food collecting, steelbooks, Subway, the Hot Toys Captain Phasma, pop shirts, and more. They also talk to someone from Gentle Giant about their upcoming First Order Stormtrooper mini-bust, and Brock reviews Battlefront: Twilight Company and the three Star Wars film novel retellings by Alexandra Bracken, Adam Gidwitz and Tom Angleberger. Good episode and my favorite podcast for collecting coverage. Also a good one for book fans with the reviews at the end, especially if you have read them yet as Brock gives readers a good idea of what to expect without spoiling anything.

Star Wars Report: Episode #197 covers the degree of marketing and the hype, lot of miscellaneous topics without going too in-depth on any one particular thing, though Riley does go into why he doesn’t like Sabine.

Star Wars Tonight: Episode #03 features Amy Ratcliffe live from Disneyland as she talks to Riley about Star Wars Land and marketing. Once again, I’d have to say the episode was too short as it left me wanting to hear more from Amy. I just don’t think this short format is working for Star Wars Tonight but maybe it’ll get better as the hosts get used to these short time segments.

Star Wars Tonight: Episode #04 features Scott Ryfun as he and Riley talk about My Star Wars Story, how the Star Wars community has evolved, and for a change, it’s a somewhat complete conversation.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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