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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Bombad Radio: Episode 215 features a great interview with Star Wars author Daniel Wallace. They talk to Dan about his work on the Star Wars essential guides, trivial pursuit, and his early days on the internet as well as his thoughts on why Superman is more relatable than Batman, and why the Spider Man rogues gallery is better than Batman’s. It’s a fun interview covering a lot of topics and offering some cool insight. If you’re a fan of Dan’s work, be sure to check this one out.

Brews and Blasters: Episode #43 is all over the place as usual, but a whole lot of fun as well. They bring up the interesting fact that “always two there are” is hardly ever right. They talk about Dooku being the cultured Sith, where we might have seen the Grand Inquisitor before, Hondo and the Star Wars Rebels episode “Brothers of the Broken Horn”, where are Wolf and Gregor?, is Jar Jar a Sith?, and they even touch on Battlefront: Twilight Company (don’t worry, no spoilers) and Captain Phasma toys. There’s a little bit of everything and a few laughs in between.

Comic Book Noob: Green Arrow episode covers the origins of the character and his left wing liberal nature, his parallels to Batman, the relation between the show and the comic, the character’s sense of humor, the characters of Felicity and Diggle, the team up between Green Lantern and Green Arrow, the lazarus pit, Constantine, and reading recommendations. If you’re looking to learn more about the Green Arrow and his comic book background, this is a great episode to check out.

Dead Talks: Episode #42 is a mini-episode giving their first impressions of the Walking Dead episode “Here’s Not Here.” They share some love and some hate and it makes for a fun episode. It’s around 15 minutes long and is an interesting departure from their usual format, so if you need something quick on the go or something to break up those long podcast episode, these short ones will do the trick.

Dead Talks: Episode #43 is their full discussion of “Here’s Not Here.” They talk about the handling of the Glenn situation, Morgan being weak, the poor placement of the episode, it’s length, Tabitha the goat, the lesson of the episode and what it should have been. They compare Tyrese to Morgan, surviving at the expense of others, and they touch on some listener emails which dives into a discussion on the revolving door of black male characters  in the show. My favorite lines in this episode: “the only way to stop a monster is to slay it”, and “when society doesn’t exist you have to be judge and jury.” Great episode.

Dead Talks: Episode #44 features their first impressions for “Now”. It’s a quick podcast episode, just a little over 13 minutes long, but an enjoyable burst of Walking Dead discussion.

Dead Talks: Episode #45 is their full on discussion of “Now” as they talk about Rick’s new family, creepy Ron, Diana’s guild trip and faults, predictions, thoughts on Spencer and more. Great episode as always.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode #25 zeroes in on The Force Awakens trailer, their coverage of it elsewhere, their ticket purchases, Duracell commercials, Carrie Fisher interviewing Daisy Ridley, Gwendoline Christie being a fangirl, and more. Always a fun podcast to listen to so be sure to subscribe.

Full of Sith: Episode CXL is hosted by Mike, Bryan and Amy as they discuss The Force Awakens trailer and The Force Awakens international trailer. They also get into Star Wars Rebels “Brothers of the Broken Horn” which rounds this episode out and makes it another great one jam packed with Star Wars goodness. Episodes like this make Full of Sith one of the best. Great audio quality, great discussions and great hosts.

Radio 1138: Episode #33 features a conversation with artist Malcolm Tween about Star Wars stamps, they talk about their NYCC trip, going to The Stash comic book shop, and they play some audio from NYCC. Audio clips include the Star Wars Rebels panel hosted by Pablo Hidalgo and featuring Sarah Michelle Gellar, Dave Filoni, and Ashley Eckstein. The have clips of the Q&A with the guests, and they have the audio of Ashley Eckstein’s Her Universe publishing announcement. On top of that, they talk with artists John Tyler Christopher who does the action figure cover variants, legendary artist Dave Dorman, and comic writer Kieron Gillen.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 11.6.2015 features Jimmy and Paul as they discuss The Force Awakens international trailer. They also get sidetracked on a lot of side topics, however it’s some interesting side topics. I never found myself getting distracted or irritated at the side discussions. They were really enjoyable.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 11.11.2015 is a special bonus episode with Dave Filoni. Jimmy and Jason talk with Dave about Star Wars Rebels, what’s to come and the excitement for The Force Awakens. Must listen to episode for Star Wars Rebels fans.

Rebels Declassified:Always Two There Are” features Jason, Jimmy, Din and Steele Saunders as they discuss the episode of Star Wars Rebels as well as some side themes. While they don’t find where we’ve seen the Grand Inquisitor before, they do narrow it down, as well as digging into a bunch of other interesting topics.

Star Wars Bookworms: Episode #47 opens with a discussion of the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer then transitions to a review of Jason Fry’s book Servants of the Empire: Rebel in the Ranks. Good episode mixing coverage between movies and books.

Star Wars Report: Episode #92 features Riley, Mark, Tricia and Scott as they discuss The Force Awakens international trailer. This one is pretty good, so if you’re digging into The Force Awakens discussion, put this one on your playlist.

WNPR: for the special “Mark My Worlds – In A Galaxy Far Far Away” event, WNPR had authors Michael A. Stackpole, Timothy Zahn, Jason Fry and Ryder Windham on to talk about Star Wars, the novels, the fans and more in a great discussion. With that bunch of authors, you couldn’t ask for a better panel. Sadly I haven’t been able to find any audio of the event itself, so if anyone has it, please share. Regardless, their time on the radio program was priceless. Be sure to give it a listen.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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