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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

The 602 Club: Episode 49 is A New Hope discussion featuring guests Bethany and Riley Blanton from Star Wars Report. It’s a great conversation on some broad topics and themes, but they dive deep into them. If you love Star Wars, this one will appeal to you, so that covers pretty much everyone. Great audio quality, great guests, great episode.

The 602 Club: Episode 47 focuses on Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath, and it does get into spoilers, though I don’t think it’s anything that would ruin the book. They provide their opinions on the book, pick it apart, but also explore all the possibilities and intriguing aspects. It’s a good episode to check out if you’ve read the book.

Bombad Radio: Episode 211 reaches back into the things that make this podcast great – Star Wars author interviews. I’m a sucker for interviews, and I love hearing from the authors of Star Wars. This one is extra special as I’ve never heard anyone interview John Whitman. If you’re not familiar with the name, he wrote the Star Wars series Galaxy of Fear which was basically the equivalent of Goosebumps. They cover that, but also his work on the audio adaptations for Dark Horse’s early Star Wars comics and the Return of the Jedi radio dramatization. He talks about how those projects came about, working with Lucasfilm on getting sound effects, and even his expertise in the martial art of Krav Maga.

Coffee With Kenobi: Book Chat with Michael Kogge covers his work on DK’s Star Wars: Absolutely Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars, the concept of canon, trading characters with other authors, a non-Star Wars project he did called Empire of the Wolf, and their classic five questions. It’s a quick episode, only 35 minutes in length, so it gets to the point fast and makes for a nice episode in your Star Wars playlist.

Coffee With Kenobi: Tragedy of the Sith’s Revenge Book Tour is an interesting episode as it’s the audio from an Ian Doescher event featuring the St. Louis Shakespeare group as they do readings from the Star Wars Shakespeare books. They cover a variety of scenes from all of the books, and afterwards there is a Q&A with author Ian Doescher. Kind of neat and fun to listen to.

Comic Book Noob: Mockingbird episode covers a superhero I had never heard of before (I don’t watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. so I completely missed that one). They cover the difference between her character in the comics and the show, her first comic appearance, important things to know about the character, her super powers or lack thereof, her marriage to Hawkeye, her role with the Avengers, Secret Invasion and the Skrulls, the change of of her attire, recommended comics, and that she’ll be appearing in Marvel’s Most Wanted. Great episode as always.

Comic Book Noob: Comics In the News episode takes a break from their typical episodes to touch on a couple news topics. They talk about Marvel doing a comedy sitcom called Damage Control and the comics the show is based on. They also talk about an upcoming Black Widow comic series and how that will play, or not play, into the cinematic universe. Good show.

Great Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 31 has a couple interviews. They have two with director Genndy Tartakovsky, one before the release of his new movie Hotel Transylvania 2 and one after. They talk to him above the movies, as well as his work on Star Wars. If you want to know why his Clone Wars episodes were 3 to 5 minutes long, you’ll want to give this one a listen.  Afterwards they talk with actor and voice actor Matthew Lillard which covers Scooby Doo and Scream. Nice episode though there are some very minor audio quality issues, the audio levels seemed a bit off on the Lillard interview which made some people loud and others hard to hear depending on how high you turn up the volume.

Jedi Journals: October 2015 episode covers comics, books and coloring books. They do a spoiler free discussion on Aftermath and tackle upcoming books.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 95 has audio from the Star Wars Rebels Season 2 press conference which includes Dave Filoni. Then they switch gears to talk with the author of The Unau­tho­rized Story of Walt Disney’s Haunted Man­sion Jef­frey Baham. He talks about the history of the ride, the imagineers involved, and more. It’s pretty cool. Artist Randy Martinez returns for their original Marvel Star Wars comic segment which is a lot of fun. Top notch show so be sure to check it out.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 459 starts with their general thoughts on The Force Awakens 3-3/4-inch and 6-inch lines. They give a detailed review of both the Target remote controlled BB-8 and the Sphero BB-8. They also touch on the Disney Elite Series with a review of Captain Phasma and the First Order Stormtrooper. Then they tackle Hot Toys and wrap things up with Brock’s review of Aftermath.

Star Wars Bookworms: Episode #46 is their review of Dark Disciple by Christie Golden. Fair warning, there are spoilers. It’s an excellent discussion of the novel, the characters and the story. Good one for Star Wars book fans.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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