Book Review: ‘The Weapon of a Jedi’ by Jason Fry

October 6, 2015 at 12:01 am | Posted in Books, Reviews, Star Wars, Star Wars Books | 3 Comments
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With so many new Star Wars books to choose from, which should you grab first? The Weapon of a Jedi promises a Luke Skywalker tale, but does it deliver a good story? Click here to read our full review and find out.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.


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  1. I love this book so much

  2. I have to say I completely disagree with you. I loved this book and it’s what Heir to the Jedi should have been, so the fact that it does not reference that book was fine with me. As for not mentioning anything with the comics, this book does feel closer to ESB than ANH and so the comics would be behind this story. Really, in the end this book is what I always thought Luke before ESB would be doing, plus the interaction with Ben was also spot on to me. All 3 of these books are fine additions to canon. Loved the opportunity to talk about them all on The 602 Club.

  3. I thought Jason Fry did an excellent job capturing and portraying Luke. My main gripe would be in what he did with the character–the adventure he took him on. Once the story moved to the ruins on Devaron, I lot a lot of interest in the story. And while I thought having Ben speak to Luke was a little soon and perhaps too much, the things Ben and Luke say to each other were spot on.

    In the end, I felt the book did some things right and some things wrong. Again, just my opinion.

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