New ‘The Force Awakens’ Photos

August 12, 2015 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Entertainment, Episode VII, Movies, News, Star Wars, Star Wars News | Leave a comment has posted a new gallery of photos from The Force Awakens. Some of them are pretty cool. You can check them all out here.

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New Releases: ‘Lando #2’ and ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ HC

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lando-2Lando #2 is out today from Marvel as well as a 2nd printing variant cover for Lando #1 and the Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back hardcover collection.

Star Wars: Lando #2 (of 5)

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Alex Maleev

You know him…you love him…now, join him for his biggest caper as master of charm Lando Calrissian gets his very own comic book! Before he joined the rebellion, before he ran Cloud City, Lando made his way in the galaxy getting by on some swindles, some swagger, and a smile. Lobot at his side, Lando has a plan to steal a very valuable ship…but has he bitten off more than he can chew? Writer Charles Soule (DEATH OF WOLVERINE, INHUMAN, SHE-HULK) and artist Alex Maleev (DAREDEVIL, SPIDER-WOMAN, MOON KNIGHT) bring us the tale of a scoundrel in his natural element—trouble!

Details: 32 pages, Rated T, $3.99

Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back HC

Writer: Archie Goodwin
Penciller: Al Williamson
Cover Artist: Adi Granov
Details: 144 pages, Rated T, $24.99, oversized

The comic adaptation of the darkest chapter in George Lucas’ original trilogy is remastered for the modern age! As the Imperial Forces regroup from the Death Star’s destruction, they target the new Rebel base on the ice planet Hoth. Will Darth Vader’s troops find Luke Skywalker, or will a wampa get Luke first? Meanwhile, feelings run high in the galaxy’s greatest love triangle, bounty hunters target Han Solo, and Jabba the Hutt lies in wait. Luke seeks out the great Jedi Master Yoda on swampy Dagobah, but the Emperor has designs on turning the young Rebel hero. As the battle begins for Skywalker’s soul, will his fear lead to anger, hate and the dark side? It’s all heading to one of the greatest confrontations of all time. Prepare for a grave disturbance in the Force! Collecting STAR WARS (1977) #39-44.

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Comic Review: ‘Darth Vader #8’

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The Darth Vader series was on a roll but Darth Vader #8 misses a couple steps, thus knocking it off it’s perfect score. However, it’s still a good one worth checking out. Click here to read our full review.

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Databurst From the 501st

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501stLogoLatest Databurst From the 501st covering 501st Legion event news from August 12 to 18th. As always, be sure to mark your calendars and support your local garrisons.

August 12

  • Alpine Garrison will be in Hurricane, UT for Super Fun at Washington County from August 12 to 14th.
  • Central Garrison will be in Omaha, NE for the Nebraska Broadcasters Association at Ramada Inn.
  • Great Lakes Garrison will be in Troy, MI fro Star Wars Summer Night.
  • Star Garrison will be at Chihuahua’s Star Wars Night.

August 13

  • Ohio Garrison will be in Marysville, OH for the All Ohio Balloon Fest 2015 from 2:00 to 10:00 PM at Union County Airport.
  • Old Line Garrison will be in Pasadena, MD for Back to School Night at Mountain Road Public Library from 7:00 to 8:30 PM.
  • Star Garrison will be in Pasadena, TX for the Fairmont Library Summer Reading Closeout.

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