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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 8 features a discussion with the hosts of Skywalking Through Neverland as they talk about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. Now this is an older episode from back in April, but I’ve been wanting to check out and see what kinds of episodes this podcast does so I’ve been digging through the archives. Rich and Sarah are great guests, but I felt the hosting was a little weak on this one. Neither of the Big Beautiful Podcast hosts went to SWCA, so they interviewed Rich and Sarah to get an idea of what the experience was like. It made for an okay podcast, kind of like a Skywalking-Through-Neverland-lite episode.

Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 9 features an interview with Tad Stones. It’s a little confusing at first as the interview sort of starts right in the middle of a discussion about something called Bone. They don’t provide much context. Afterwards they talk about Hellboy animated movies. Again, not a lot of background, they just dive into it. He talks about a pitch he did for Amazon, a little bit about Darkwing Duck, and his work for Disney World. Not the most professionally done interview, however, there is some good content if you’re a Tad Stones fan.

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode #40 includes discussion of the Han Solo anthology film, they grill Corey with the five questions than talk about the Star Wars SDCC panel. They have a Star Wars Rebels interview about the action figures, and for the main discussion, they have guest Dr. Andrea Letamendi on to talk about collection which is an excellent discussion covering the differences between a healthy hobby and negative one. They also get into what drives people to collect. Afterwards is listener feedback. Overall, a great episode.

Comic Book Noob: Daredevil began my Comic Book Noob marathon as I tried to catch up with the podcast. In this one, they discussion Daredevil’s first appearance, touch on the Netflix series, and dig into the nature of the superhero. I did know he originally started out in a yellow outfit, nor did I realize that he’s a Bruce Wayne type character in that his powers are mostly just talents he’s worked really hard at. They also talk about the other characters in the Daredevil franchise, his relationship with his father, their favorite storylines, their recommendations, and even Stan Lee’s thoughts on the character. Very cool episode.

Comic Book Noob: Deadpool covers a very apt anti-hero given all the Deadpool trailers that are getting released. They talk about the evolution of the character and he went from a dry, down to business mercenary to a sarcastic lunatic. They talk about the other characters in the Deadpool universe who will be showing up in the movie like Copycat, Colossus, Ajax, Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Weasel. Now I have tried to read some Deadpool comics, but this episode was very informative and opened up my understanding of the character.

Comic Book Noob: Harley Quinn is also rather relevant since she’ll be in Suicide Squad and that trailer came out at SDCC. They talk about the character’s origin in Batman: The Animated Series and how she transitioned to comics. They mention who she was based on, discuss the change in outfits, and bring about her stead as a standalone character. All in all it’s another great episode. I really love the format of these as they’re condensed into half hour episodes that are full of info on the characters as well as recommendations on what comics to check out.

Comic Book Noob: Secret Wars actually starts off with a discussion on The Killing Joke, then they dive into Secret Wars, starting with the original and then the modern one. It’s interesting to hear them talk about the new one as I gave the series a chance and read the first three issues. Personally, I couldn’t get into it, but listening to the episode, it sounds like a lot of the fun might be in the nods to the long history of the Marvel universe and some very esoteric characters and elements. In that case, the series might be more fun for those more well versed in Marvel comics.

Full of Sith: Episode CXXIV is hosted by Mike, Bryan, Bobby and Amy as they discuss San Diego Comic Con, the Hasbro Star Wars fan choice poll, the Slave Leia action figure debate, the Amy Schumer controversy, and they tackle the upcoming Star Wars novel Aftermath. Great episode with a lot of interesting and fun topics.

Full of Sith: Episode CXXV covers the 18 foot Falcon and brings up the idea of referring to Slave Leia as Huttslayer instead. Then they get into the Ahmed Best interview that brought up Michael Jackson wanting to be Jar Jar. It’s a very fun discussion. Afterwards they talk box office numbers and weigh the importance–or lack there of–and how The Force Awakens fits into all of this. It’s a nice look at the topic and they discuss some things I’ve never considered.

Rock Out Loud: Journey episode starts with a quick recap of Kristin’s trip to Vegas. They do some listener feedback, then head into their main discussion – Journey. Right out of the gate, they picked some great Journey songs and I found myself rethinking my initial thoughts in that I wasn’t much of a Journey fan. However, things went down hill a little afterwards as they started playing some slow songs and I’m not a fan of slow songs. Still a great episode, though. They cover a wide selection of Journey and provide a lot of interesting trivia on the band. I didn’t realize there were two video games based on the band.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 85 tackles the Amy Schumer controversy with guests Teresa Delgado and Dave Skale. Backing that up, they have copy­right attorney Andrew Skale on to chew into the nitty gritty legal aspects of the Schumer debate and the differences between parody and satire. It’s certainly one of the best discussions I’ve heard so far on the topic covering both the fan opinion and the legal side of things between the three guests. However, that’s not all that’s crammed into this episode as they also talk with Russ Flores about the 60th anniversary celebration at Disneyland. After all of that, they talk Ant-Man with Kevin Reitzel as they give their opinions on the film. It’s a very positive review and it was enough to convince me to go see it.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 86 starts with guest Paul Barrie as they talk about the Friends of the Magic meet-up at Disneyland which turned out to be a great conversation. Then they talk with Ric Per­alta about lining up for Star Wars films which is pretty neat and leads to a lot of stories.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 453 is pre-San Diego Comic Con as they talk about Star Wars exclusives, provide an “On the Pegs” report, cover new releases, review the Star Wars SHFiguarts figures, and talk about vintage collecting books. Plus Steve the Ginger Prince covers his recent acquisitions. As usual, this is one of the best podcasts out there for collecting and always a great way to catch up on that side of fandom.

Star Wars Report: Episode #177 is hijacked by Steve Glosson and Teresa Delgado, which was quite the surprise. The Disney Vault Talk hosts briefly mention the GQ controversy, then head on in to a full on Build-A-Bear discussion that is Star Wars related. They also talk about the Jar Jar-Michael Jackson news which flows over into Nsync. They wrap it up with the Star Wars fanfare and what will be in store for The Force Awakens. Good episode with lots of fun. I have to admit, I kinda wish Steve and Teresa would do a regular Star Wars podcast just covering general Star Wars topics in addition to their podcast Rebel Yell which just covers Star Wars Rebels episodes.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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