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Next up in book giveaways is Revan by Drew Karpyshyn. This paperback was signed by Drew at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and it looking for a new home. If you’d like to add it to your collection, just leave a comment in this post letting us know who your favorite Revan companion is. Revan had a lot of friends, many who show up in this book: Canderous, T3, Bastilla and more. Note to be eligible for the giveaway, you must reside in the United States. The winner will be randomly selected and announced Monday evening (July 27).

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  1. HK-47 obviously, who wouldn’t want an assassination droid

  2. Lord Scourge. He got the biggest emotional reaction out of me. :)

  3. Statment: HK-47, every Sith Lord should have a trusty droid for when your traitorous meatbag apprentice can’t be trusted, master.

  4. Yeah I’m afraid it has to be HK, meatbags.

  5. I dare to be different and say Mission. Very handy for defusing bombs, opening locks and being snarky.

  6. Canderous, best war stories and loved that he stuck around on Coruscant waiting for Revan to find him so to embark on another adventure.

  7. Canderous, since he shows up in both games AND the book. I never leave the Ebon Hawk without him.

  8. Meetra Surik She Was Beside Revan Before During And After The Mandalorian Wars.

  9. HK-47; he made the game.

  10. HK-47 because the best friends are the ones that you can program to be your friend

  11. I like Bastilla the most.

  12. I would say Lord Scourge. He was a great addition as a companion coming from Knights of the Old Republic to the book. Then, to have him as a companion in Bioware’s The Old Republic MMO was an amazing continuation of a great book by Drew.

  13. I can’t pick all of them, can I? Well then I’d either have to say Bastila or Juhani, they both had such rich and interesting back stories, and I loved that though neither of them were perfect, they strived to be better.

  14. STATEMENT: HK-47 is superior to all other combatants.

  15. HK, you meatbags. HK.

  16. It’s gotta be Bastilla. What an awesome character.

  17. Meatbags gotta love HK47 … and Bastilla

  18. Carth Onasi. #1 gunner! Hope to win. Huge Drew Karpyshyn fan!

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