The Black Series: Chewbacca

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The mighty Chewbacca. In six inch scale, that’s 7 and 3/4 inches of Wookiee. The Hasbro Black Series Chewbacca might not be perfect, but he’s still pretty neat.

As seen above, Chewie comes with bandoleer and bowcaster, but good luck getting the bowed part of the bowcaster to stay on. The piece pushes on to the front and doesn’t really have anything to hold on to, so it constantly falls off. I’ve given up trying to use it and I’m reluctant to glue it on.

Also kind of annoying is Chewie’s bandoleer. It’s made out of a stiff plastic and it doesn’t fit very well on his shoulder. It’s easy to pose Chewie and then notice that the bandoleer is hovering above his shoulder instead of laying on top of it. Another common occurrence is that it will slip off his rounded shoulders.

When recreating scenes with Chewbacca, you’ll be stuck with him growling/roaring as the figure only comes with one head. It’s disappointing considering how easy it would be for Hasbro to include another head. The heads come right off these figures, so it wouldn’t be hard to do a head swap, and with a figure like Chewie, it would pay off to have to heads. One could be normal, and the other could be the growling head. It’s not like the figure came with a ton of accessories to begin with. Alas, Hasbro seems to be blind to this issue. Chewie isn’t the first figure in the six inch Black Series line to suffer from this issue. Darth Vader could definitely have used an extra head instead of a removable helmet that looked awful.

Here’s a closeup of Chewie’s bandoleer messenger bag. Note that Chewie fell of the tree trunk and into the creek, so that’s real water droplets on the bag.

The design of his feet limits a lot of articulation. The molded fur drapes over the foot so it can’t tilt up and down more than four degrees and it can only turn left and right about fifteen degrees.

His hands have more freedom of movement than his feet. However, there’s this weird flap of fur that hangs off each hand. It looks good when his arms are hanging down, but it looks odd when his hands are up because then the fur appears to be defying gravity. You’ll also notice there is waist articulation on the figure. In fact there are two separate points of waist rotation. One is in the middle of his torso, the other is down low at his waist. Unlike the other figures in the line, he can hardly bend over or back with his waist/torso articulation due to the draping fur design.

Chewbacca’s head also has limited movement. It has about fifteen degrees of left/right rotation due to that triangular piece of plastic coming down the neck. There is another piece of plastic on the back, so he has even more limited up and down articulation of his head. As seen above, that is the maximum about his head can look up.

The detail and paint application of the figure are spot on. It’s a great looking figure. The paint app for the teeth, tongue and eyes are very neat with no slop. The fur has a nice textured color with light and dark areas. The actual molding of the hair looks good too.

Here’s Chewie in an action pose showing some of the constraints of his leg articulation. On the plus side, his big feet give him a lot of stability when posing the figure even with the feet tilted and not sitting flat.

Overall, Chewbacca has his plusses and minuses. He looks great but he has some limited articulation and is missing an optional head with a closed mouth. His bowcaster also won’t stay together. Nonetheless, he is an essential companion for you Han Solo figures, and when you take him out in the woods, Chewie looks great.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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