‘Vader Down’ this November

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darth-vader-downThis November, Marvel revealed that the Darth Vader series will be crossing over with the Star Wars series for a special six issue Vader Down mini-series event.

Jason Aaron: I think this is the chance for me and Kieron to do the biggest story either one of us has done. When we started these new books, STAR WARS and DARTH VADER, we wanted them to feel like they were part of the same universe, that everything was happening at the same time. So it was pretty clear from our first arcs how things were pretty closely inter-connected. Then with our second arcs we both kind of veered off in our own directions. Kieron has been setting up a lot of new characters in his book. We’ve had a big new character pop up in my book. It made [sense] after we both veered off for a bit that the third arc would be when things would come crashing back together in a huge way. I was especially excited about the idea of taking the cast of characters that we’d both built in our books and having them interact for the first time.

Marvel.com: In the story, what are the Rebels thinking going into it?

Jason Aaron: Just that they’ve got Vader in quite the predicament. He’s alone. He’s grossly outnumbered and his ship has crashed on this alien landscape. Whether everybody believes they can do it or not, they know this is their best shot to capture him or kill him or whatever. When you get that shot, you’ve got to take it and send everyone you’ve got down after him.

According to Marvel.com, the crossover “rolls out over two issues each of their respective Star Wars titles, plus a special VADER DOWN one-shot to kick it off”. Since they said it’s six issues, I’m assuming one writer will be writing an extra issue or it will be getting shared credit.

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