The Black Series: Scout Trooper

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The Black Series six inch Scout Trooper is a two for one figure. Not only do you get the Scout Trooper, but you also get a speeder bike. With lots of articulation, this one is worth checking out.

The figure comes with only two accessories. His tiny blaster and a big speeder bike.

One thing buyers will want to watch out for is buying off Amazon. Mine came with a white paint fleck on his black visor. On the plus side, it won’t be hard to touch up and I’m not concerned about keeping the figure in original condition.

Adding some flare to the figure, there’s a bit of red on the top of his back pack.

The boots have some muddy color wash to them and there’s a molded on boot holster for the blaster pistol. Be careful though, it falls out really easy and can be impossible to find if you lose it outdoors.

Around his waist, the Scout Trooper has some gray pouches and a little bit of a muddy color wash on his chest armor. As you might expect with those gray pouches, he doesn’t have a lot of waist articulation be it left or right or up and down.

His leg articulation, however, is excellent.

But as cool as the Scout Trooper might be, the speeder bike is what completes the figure.

It comes with a clear plastic stand which allows the bike to hover off the ground.

Unfortunately the handle bars aren’t articulated on the bike. Because of this, they are made of a flexible plastic so they can fit in the trooper’s hands and easily get bent out of shape.

There are only a couple points of articulation on the speeder bike. One of which is the underside blaster.

It can rotate around in a circle (there is no up or down articulation, only left and right).

The other point of articulation is on the back of the bike. These are the engine flaps in the closed position.

The open position.

And here’s one open, one closed.

The Scout Trooper fits on the speeder bike pretty good.

It looks good in action. Since there aren’t any Ewoks yet, Chewbacca will have to do for forest fights.

Overall, it’s a nice figure and worth picking up. I’m not sure I’d go all out and buy multiples like I’ve heard some people do, but it’s a nice addition to the collection.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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