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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Big Beautiful Podcast: Episode 18 features an interview with author Christie Golden as they discuss her novel Star Wars: Dark Disciple, Star Wars: The Clone Wars and the prequels. This being my first time listening to this podcast, I was impressed with the sound quality and the hosts had some good questions which makes it worth checking out. I might be listening to some more episodes of this podcasts, especially if I can find some more Star Wars interviews.

Coffee With Kenobi: Rebels Reactions: The Siege of Lothal features Cory, Dan and Jeff as they discuss the episode with a nice, thorough breakdown. There’s a lot of thematic coverage that dives deep into the underlying story and the connective tissue of the premiere. With Cory, Dan and Jeff directing the discussion, it’s a dynamic trio.

Book Chat with Christie Golden has a nice, spoiler light discussion with the author of Dark Disciple. Dan and Cory do a great job as interviewers digging into some good subjects. Definitely a good one to check out.

Episode 39 begins with a donation thing they’re doing. The Bearded Trio provides an update on Jurassic World and the box office records it’s broke along with other Spielberg news. They talk about Star Wars SDCC exclusives before diving into their main topic: the music of Star Wars. For this segment they bring on guest Steve Torok whose music they use for the podcast. Ending things off is some listener feedback. Another great episode for Star Wars fans.

Episode 38 is hosted by Dan and Jeff as they start with SDCC and the Star Wars panels there (this was recorded before SDCC). They talk about Christopher Lee’s passing, Matt and Jeff talk about Comics With Kenobi, a new spinoff podcast focusing on Star Wars comics, then The Bearded Trio has a review of Jurassic World. Afterwards they talk about SDCC collectibles, the new Star Wars: Battlefront footage, and then they have guest Scott Murray on to discuss Revenge of the Sith. Listener feedback caps off the episode. As always, lots of good Star Wars discussion, and there was some thoughtful exploration of ROTS.

Far Far Away Radio: Episode 208 is their Dark Disciple episode. First they have a spoiler free review of the book as most of the hosts hadn’t finished reading the book yet. Then 35 minutes in, Megan has a great interview with author Christie Golden as Christie talks about the book. Afterwards the hosts review Star Wars Rebels “The Siege of Lothal” with some interesting opinions. Some of them didn’t like Vader. Some didn’t like his voice. Some didn’t like the episode, and they even commented that season one wasn’t that good.

ForceCast: Dark Disciple Special is a blowout of coverage as they open with a spoiler free interview with Christie Golden done by Justin Bolger (who excels at interviewing by the way). The interview covers the project, her writing process, and her thoughts on the characters. Then they have a spoiler free book review, a spoiler filled book review, and a final chat with Christie that delves into spoilers. There are plenty of warnings once the spoiler sections kick in, and the reviews have a smattering of opinions as some loved it, some didn’t like it, and some were in the middle. It’s a long episode, so be sure to set some time aside if you tackle this one.

Full of Sith: Episode CXXII features an interview with Dark Disciple author Christie Golden conducted by Bryan. Christie talks about getting acquainted with the characters, working with the scripts, and adapting it into novel form. She explains how some things were fleshed out, how she was able to slow down and spread out the pacing, developing the characters further. They also touch on Fate of the Jedi and how that project differed from this one. Relatively spoiler free, this episode runs a bit shorter as it focuses exclusively on the interview. A lot of Christie’s interviews for Dark Disciple cover the same ground, so you’ll really have to listen to all of them to get absolutely everything as each includes a little bit of something new. However, if you’re looking to just check out one, this would be a good one to pick, though I would warn anyone who hasn’t read the book to not listen to any of the interviews until afterwards just to play it on the safe side.

My Star Wars Story: Episode 12 feature Ryder Waldron as he shares his Star Wars story. You might know Ryder from his work on Coffee With Kenobi, The Cantina Cast or as the co-host for the Idiot’s Array podcast. As always, everyone has their own Star Wars story, and it’s usually pretty interesting to listen to. If you haven’t checked it out yet, be sure to give it a try.

Rebels Report: Season 2 Premiere: The Siege of Lothal features Andy, Pete and Catrina as the review the premiere for Star Wars Rebels Season 2. Their review is very much a scene-by-scene breakdown of the episode with it’s level of thoroughness. Given the excellent hosts and discussion, it makes this one worth checking out.

Step In Time: Mary Poppins kicks off a new podcast hosted by Sarah and Richard from Skywalking Through Neverland along with special guest host and voice actor Stephen Stanton. This podcast focuses on live action Disney movies and, for their inaugural episode, they start with Mary Poppins. It’s a fun discussion and worth checking out if you’re a Disney and/or Mary Poppins fan. It’s also a nice podcast to go along with Disney Vault Talk’s coverage of the Disney animated films, thus covering both sides of the spectrum. As for myself, I’ve actually never seen Mary Poppins, but I did enjoy the episode which says a lot for the general enjoyability of the discussion.

Talking Apes TV: Live Action TV Series Recap features Rich and Mark as they go over some of their favorite characters from the show, their least favorite episodes, and of course, their favorites. It’s interesting because some of Rich’s favorite episodes are Mark’s least favorites and vice versa. Lots of fun to listen and I give this one a big recommendation for any Apes fans out there.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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