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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Bombad Radio: Glenn Panel features audio from the Glenn Moreshower panel from Salt Lake Comic Con. While you probably won’t recognize his name, you would recognize his face and voice as he’s been in a lot of movies in small roles. He talks about show business and Hollywood and is actually really funny. He tells some good stories and has a hilarious tip for people to get over their nervousness. I recommend checking this one out, it’s a lot of fun.

Coffee With Kenobi: Episode #36 is hosted by Dan and Jeff as they talk Star Wars news. Corey joins them for an experimental review of A New Hope done as if it’s the first time they saw it back in the day which is kind of corny but also funny. Then they have audio of a radio segment they did, an interview with Lou Mongello who talks Star Wars and Disney World (good guest), and they wrap things up with a collection of hilarious outtakes and then some listener feedback. Great episode. I also want to give a shout out to Jeff for filling in for Corey. He does a superb job. Fans of the show won’t be disappointed.

Celebration Anaheim Recap features their coverage of days three and four of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. It’s recorded on their way home from the airport, so the audio is a little raw, but it’s still worth a listen as they have some good stories on what they did, who they met, and what happened.

Star Wars Weekends Panels Week Two features some excellent audio from Star Wars Weekends including interviews with fellow fans and audio from the panels featuring Vanessa Marshall, Silas Carson, Warwick Davis and host James Arnold Taylor. Definitely something you’ll want to check out. Warwick is funny as always and it was neat to hear from Silas Carson as I’ve never heard from him before.

Star Wars Weekends Panels Week One features audio from the Tiya Sircar, Amy Allen and Ian McDiarmid panels. All three were a lot of fun to listen to, but I really enjoyed the Amy and Ian panel.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode #19 is hosted by Tricia, Teresa, Sarah and Bethany from Star Wars Report. They talk about the Vanity Fair Star Wars coverage, Disney Infinity 3.0, the news/rumors of a hispanic actor being cast in Rogue One, and Teresa starting a geek club. Teresa shares some good info on the Disney Infinity game. Afterwards they talk about Star Wars with and without George Lucas, which is an excellent topic, then transition to an interview Tricia did with Star Wars Rebels voice actor Tiya Sircar who talks about her approach to Sabine and reveals a lot about herself. This is by far the best Tiya interview I’ve heard yet. Definitely a must listen.

Full of Sith: Episode CXIV starts with some Josh Trank talk, then they dig into Star Wars Vanity Fair with some very nice coverage. If you’ve heard other podcasts cover the subject, you’ll still want to check out Full of Sith’s discussion. It’s an excellent episode.

Episode CXV is hosted by Bobby, Bryan and Mike as they talk Star Wars comics, the Korean Star Wars comic that’s out there, and what they’d like to see taken from Legends and used in canon.

Episode CXVI features Bobby, Bryan, Mike and Amy as they take some time to rank the Star Wars films and Amy gives a report of Star Wars Weekends. Lots of fun as always.

Jedi Journals: May 2015 episode recaps the Star Wars Celebration Anaheim Marvel reveals, such as Lobot being in the upcoming Lando mini-series and The Force Awakens comic adaptation not coming out anytime soon after the release of the film. They talk about Star Wars budhism book. They have a short interview with author Christie Golden from Star Wars Celebration. They talk about the DK Books Ultimate Star Wars. They talk Everything You Need to Know About Star Wars. They talk about the new upcoming Ralph McQuarrie Star Wars art book which will feature new scans and new pieces. They cover the Celebration Del Rey panel, and cap things off with an interview with John Jackson Miller from Celebration.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 5.29.15 includes Kyle Newman as he talks about his new film Barely Lethal, as well as some Star Wars talk. Then Catherine Taber stops by to join the Smuggler’s Bounty discussion, and she talks a little Detours. Afterwards, Jimmy and Jason recollect their Revenge of the Sith memories. Then they dive into listener feedback, and touch on the reveal of Andy Serkis’ character reveal.

Episode 5.22.15 has a Rogue One discussion and covers some rumors as well as the Apple influence on the First Order stormtroopers. Special guest Tom Spina comes on to talk about the cantina aliens, working with the masks, and they get his thoughts on the aliens in the Vanity Fair photo shoot where they cover each alien.

Episode 5.18.15 is part two of Jimmy Mac and Steve Glosson’s coverage of the best of Star Wars Celebration Anaheim as they cover Star Wars: The Clone Wars, the Untold Clone Wars panel, clips from the Ian McDiarmid, Mark Hamill and Star Wars Rebels panel.

Episode 5.15.15 features Jimmy Mac and Steve Glosson as they talk about Steve’s power outage, Star Wars Weekends, they play an audio clip of JediShua’s Hondo Ohnaka, discuss the TFA panel from Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, the Star Wars: Battlefront panel, and full audio of the “Rebel Women Who Fought The Clone Wars” panel which is awesome. Be sure to give this episode a listen.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 450 starts with a TFA trailer discussion, a tour of the Star Wars Celebration convention store, booth coverage, a Hasbro interview and con recap. Overall nice episode. I really enjoyed the con floor tour they did, as they podcast while walking around the floor, giving listeners a virtual tour of the booths and what was on display.

Star Wars Report: Episode #168 is their Patreon show featuring lots of guests. They start things out with Tarkin voice actor Stephen Stanton, then move along to guests Justin Robert, Teresa Delgado, Tricia Barr, and Brian Brushwood as they talk about their favorite Star Wars moments in A New Hope. Then Mark gets some audio from a local Star Wars comic shop event that leads to an interesting discussion about the Star Wars Marvel titles and the films.

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  3. Cool, I’ll be adding that to my playlist.

  4. Hope you enjoy!

  5. […] Depot’s Podcasts in Review says, “This is by far the best Tiya interview I’ve heard yet. Definitely a must listen.” […]

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