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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Bombad Radio: Star Wars Celebration: Revenge of the Sith 3D episode is hosted by Jeremiah and Jason as Jason talks about seeing Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith in 3D at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim. He compares the 3D quality of all three prequel films, summarizes Dennis Muren’s comments on doing the 3D effects for ROTS, and they talk about the screenings in general. Kind of a neat inside look since I haven’t seen any of the films in 3D. Interesting to hear how far ROTS has come with the latest 3D effects.

Brews and Blasters: Episode #20 features special guest Riley Blanton (Star Wars Report) and is hosted by Joe Tavano. The episode starts out with a little coffee discussion before the meander into some Star Wars and then dig into the Vanity Fair The Force Awakens article. At the end, they do a quick review of Age of Ultron and talk about Whedon’s rift with Marvel. It’s a very casual episode and there are some technical difficulties, but you might want to check it out.

Cloud City Casino: Episode 002 features guest Mark Hurliman as they talk about Celebration. Though, to be honest, it’s mostly Mark talking. Michael gives Mark plenty of room to cover his trip to Disneyland and Celebration with the family, sharing the trial and tribulations, as well as the awesome moments. It’s a fun episode with good audio quality and a great guest making it worth checking out.

Coffee With Kenobi: Ashley Eckstein Interview at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim covers Ahsoka, Star Wars and more. It’s a quick interview but worth checking out.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Star Wars Celebration episode highlights their trip to Celebration with audio clips from their podcast panel, their interviews with the Star Wars Rebels cast and crew like Freddie Prinze Jr., some audio from the press conference, and some audio from panels like the “What Princess Leia Means to Me” panel. I like how they did their Celebration episode with audio highlights rather than playing all of the audio, as it makes it much more of a normal podcast episode. That said, I wouldn’t mind checking out a special release if they wanted to release the full audio for their podcast panel.

Fly Casual: Episode 37 starts with a Daredevil discussion as they talk a little about the new Netflix show, how good it is, but also how violent and whether we might see Star Wars go this route with Rogue One and its gritty war drama vibe. Afterwards they talk about the art change with Star Wars #6, and Star Wars #7 getting an Obi-Wan flashback, they comment on Star Wars Celebration news, J.J.’s comments and preserving the surprise of the movies. Then they review Star Wars #4 and Darth Vader #4 which includes some very fun reviews from Garrick. The rumor segment on this episode is worth listening to as they don’t get into anything too spoilery. They go over the elements in the new trailer, Vader’s voice, Vader’s lightsaber, Leia’s hand, a shot of the Falcon strut next to Fin and Rey, Vader in the present tense, the similarity between Jakku and Tatooine and more. It’s a fun discussion. They also speculate on the First Order versus the Resistance, a Rogue One casting rumor, and a sketch Fett rumor. Overall, great episode. They really turned up the entertainment factor a notch. I loved the colorful reviews from Garrick and the discussion and speculation segments were great.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 5.18.2015 covers a recap of Bob Iger’s latest business call, an article about seeing Star Wars too many times and the hosts thoughts, as well as Josh Trank’s departure from Star Wars and the Rogue One teaser trailer. Then they dive into the Vanity Fair The Force Awakens article and pictures and touch on J.J.’s comments regarding Jar Jar’s bones. Plus they have a new Billy Dee quote of the week from Celebration.

Rebel Yell: The Celebration Council features hosts Teresa and Steve along with guests Kay, Aaron and Erich as they talk about Star Wars Celebration Anaheim, discuss the trailer for Star Wars Rebels Season Two and avoid spoilers for the premiere (only Aaron saw the premiere for Star Wars Rebels Season Two). It’s a really great discussion and definitely worth checking out.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 75 features their interview with Star Wars author Jeffrey Brown as he talks about his Star Wars books, drawing, utilizing his kids, and his latest book Darth Vader and Friends. Afterwards they have two quick interviews. One is with actor Felix Silla who talks about some of the films and shows he’s been in, and the other is with creature shop technician Kirk Thatcher. Both are cool interviews. Guest Bryn MacKinnon joins them to talk a little about her experience at Star Wars Celebration, and they cap the episode off with an Age of Ultron review. Great episode with lots of good interviews.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 449 has the audio from their Sunday podcast all star live show at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim featuring a bunch of guests as they reminisce about the con, their collecting, and the trailers. I’m not sure if this was an official panel as I wasn’t there and I didn’t see this one in the program booklet, but if it was an official panel, it was kind of an odd one.

Star Wars Oxygen: Volume 17 starts with listener feedback, they touch on Celebration, they talk about the quality of various recordings, MP3s versus CDs, why Attack of the Clones didn’t get an ultimate soundtrack release, and they analyze the new music in the second teaser for The Force Awakens. Afterwards they finish up their coverage of the music from The Phantom Menace with Otoh Gunga and the Queen’s Protectors music. Outstanding episode as always.

Talking Toys: Action Figure Exclusive Episode #21 focuses on Man-E-Faces. The episode is hosted by Jeff (Assembly of Geeks) and Taylor as they do an action figure review of the old Masters of the Universe figure Man-E-Faces. As a MOTU fan, I had to check this one out. It’s an okay episode. They cover the figure in detail, the sculpt, the design, highlighting reused and original parts, but also touch on the characters background and story. There’s even a little bit on later toy incarnations of the character.

Action Figure Exclusive Episode #22 focuses on the Kenner 3-3/4″ Jawa. Now being a Star Wars fan and Star Wars collector, I thought I might enjoy this episode more than the previous one, but it was about the same. They covered the figure, the differences between the vinyl and cloth cape versions, why the figure was cool, and they talk a little about the LEGO Sandcrawler.

Episode 34, however, was a lot of fun. In this one, they cover the Toxic Crusader toyline. I had some Toxic Crusader toys as a kid, so I was able to relate to this one, though I never did see any of the movies. They talk about the films, the cartoon and the toyline, picking out their favorite figures. It was hilarious to hear them talk about the film and the toys as it such an outrageous concept and bizarre toy line. This one is definitely worth checking out.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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