‘Ultimate Star Wars’ Giveaway

May 1, 2015 at 12:50 am | Posted in Books, Contest, DK, Star Wars, Star Wars Books | 20 Comments

With this weekend being Free Comic Book Day and “May the Fourth Be With You” (which is Monday), we have to do something special. So, coinciding with the recent release of DK Books Ultimate Star Wars, we are going to give away a copy for free! As long as you live in the US (sorry, no international shipping) you’re eligible. Just leave a reply in this post letting us know your favorite location in Star Wars is. On Monday evening, we’ll randomly select a winner. With one little post, you could win this 320 page hardcover book written by Ryder Windham, Daniel Wallace, Adam Bray and Tricia Barr, so don’t miss out.

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.


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  1. I’d have to say my favorite locale is the Hapan Star Cluster. Wealth, Battle Dragons, and a hot Jedi Queen Mother! Sign me up!

  2. Mos Eisley Spaceport!

  3. I’ll go with Naboo. It’s got some gorgeous architecture and scenery, yet it also has some cool technology.

  4. My favorite location is the death star!

  5. The Jedi Temple. Just looks so grand and awesome.

  6. Something about Dxun from the second KOTOR just made me happy. I loved the weather.

  7. I love Hoth. I know there is nothing there but it has the coolest igloo tunnels and then Snowtroopers show up

  8. I love Yavin 4. It’s explored more in the books and it seemed like a pretty cool place, even though it had tough creatures and Exar Kun . . . I still thought it was a cool place!

  9. Coruscant!

  10. The Jedi Temple

  11. The Cantina in Mos Eisley.

  12. My favorite place in Star Wars would have to be… Space. Or rather piloting a starfighter in space.

  13. Mustafar!

  14. My favorite place would be the Lake Country on Naboo because of the beauty of the meadows, lakes, and mountains.

  15. I’d have to say Hoth, just because the Battle of Hoth is still of my favorite scenes!

  16. I will go with the Jedi Temple… or Naboo… or… well there’s just too many awesome locations!

  17. My favorite place totally depends on season we experiencing here on Earth. Since I live in Texas, in the summer I LOVE Hoth and in the winter I LOVE Tattoine!

  18. Hoth is my favorite planet and I love the Snowtroopers!

  19. Definitely Hoth. Because tauntauns!

  20. My favorite place in the SW universe would have to be cloud city. It seemed like a lovely place to live before the deal that kept getting worse. Also the corresponding song from the soundtrack is one of my favorites.

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