Norse Legion Ring Review

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norse-legion-logoThere was a lot of stuff to check out at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim and just as many goodies for sale. Yet in recent weeks Norse Legion has caught my eye with their line of Star Wars jewelry, so I knew that was one booth I was going to stop by. As luck would have it, I left Celebration not with one ring, but two.

First up, the “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Spinner ring.

I actually won this in a raffle at the Coffee With Kenobi podcast panel.

It’s a neat ring. The spinning function doesn’t interfere with wear. There’s no pinching. Plus, if you’re bored, you can spin the ring with your other two fingers, something you can’t do with a normal ring. The black and blue color scheme is fairly neutral so anyone can wear it. One thing to note is that, as is, their sizes only go up to 12 so anyone with really thick fingers won’t be able to wear the ring on their ring finger. I myself don’t have very thick fingers and I still had to get a size 12 to fit my finger.

Now the ring I really wanted was the Stormtrooper 3D ring.

Just look at that. It’s a thing of beauty. And still shiny after several days of wear at a convention.

I can also attest that it’s a comfortable ring. It’s not super heavy (as it’s hollowed out which saves some weight), yet it’s also very sturdy. The band has a nice thickness to it that wouldn’t be easy to damage save hitting it with a sledgehammer.

Since it’s a 3D ring, the helmet sticks out a bit, so that is something to consider when you wear it. It would not be the best choice if you work construction or have a job where you work with your hands and it would catch on something. But for everyday wear, it works fine.

Personally, I like how the style is similar to a skull ring. At a casual glance, it could be mistaken for a skull, when in reality it’s a stormtrooper helmet.

If you’re inclined to pick up either ring, you can find them on Norse Legion’s official website. The “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Spinner ring retails for $21.99, and the Stormtrooper 3D ring goes for $26.99. Though I’m not sure if the one on their website is the same one I got from their booth as the one I got cost $45. Either way, still a pretty cool ring.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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