The Black Series: Yoda

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Judge me by my size, do you? Yoda may be the smallest figure in The Black Series 6 inch lineup, but he’s pretty cool. Below you’ll find our complete review of this diminutive yet awesome figure and with tons of pics.

First off, Yoda comes with a really nice cloth cloak. He has a belt to keep it closed and of course the classic snake.

He also comes with is cane, his lightsaber and his flute.

Here’s the complete layout of accessories. Note this snake has the thin stripes. There are versions out there with thick stripes.

Yoda’s lightsaber is smaller than the other lightsabers which is in line with the films.

The snake looks good and the shape, while not articulated at all, is good for posing or draping around someones neck.

Yoda’s cloak is removable. Underneath he has a plain brown undersuit. His fingernails and toenails are painted, which adds to the quality of the figure.

Note the articulation in this figure. It’s very different from the other figures in the series. Yoda does not have any knee articulation. His left foot can only turn left and right. His right foot can pivot up and down a little. His hands also have limited articulation. They can rotate left and right, and the can pivot up and down a little. The way the joint is, the wrist bends vertically, not inward/outward. His waist articulation is minimal, and his head is almost entirely restricted to left and right rotation.

The eyes on mine are just a little off, but you only notice it up close with the camera. Looking at it normally, you wouldn’t notice.

There is a speck of white on Yoda’s cheek As with all of the figures, there’s going to be some paint slop somewhere.

Limited though his articulation may be, Yoda can still do a handstand.

The splits.

And some tree climbing.

He passes the chair test since his legs are so short.

Compared to the original Kenner Yoda, the Black Series one is twice as big.

And he looks to be in scale with the other figures. So now for some fun.

Yoda hijinks.

Piggyback time.

But what if Yoda met Darth Maul…

Well that escalated quickly.

“Mine, victory is!”

“Better than one, two heads are!”

And speaking of heads, I thought for sure Yoda’s head peg would be unique considering how small the figure is.

But surprisingly enough, it’s a close match for Darth Maul. However, Maul’s head doesn’t have a neck, so while Yoda can fit on Maul’s body, Maul can’t click into place on Yoda’s body. But it does look funny sitting there. As you can see, Yoda doesn’t really work on anyone else because they all have giraffe necks.

Mini Maul.

Since Vader has a neck, he fits on Yoda’s body, but it is a bit loose.

And creepy looking.

Yoda’s head won’t fit on Vader’s body because the peg is recessed into the body. It looks funny sitting there, though.

In the end, Yoda is a cool figure. He’s not the most articulated figure, but he works well enough as is and he comes with some fun accessories.

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  1. This was so fun!

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