The Black Series: Clone Trooper Sergeant

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Hasbro’s six inch Black Series figures are not above repainting an existing figure for an easy money grab, and the Clone Trooper Sergeant is a good example of that. However, seeing that I have yet to see a regular Clone Trooper in stores, I picked this one up.

The Clone Trooper Sergeant sports the Phase I armor with olive green markings which denote his rank.

He comes with the big DC-15A blaster rifle.

And the smaller DC-15S blaster.

There is an odd thing with some of the paint on the figure. The paint on the elbow armor does not match the rest of the figure. It looks like the part was black and painted over white. The effect is pretty crummy looking.

The knees are the same way.

There’s also some sloppiness with the green paint. There’s a glob on the inside right arm on this figure.

The best is also a different color white plastic.

When it comes to articulation, this figure does really well. It can kneel without issue, even with the knee armor. This is in large part to the design of the armor and the double jointed knees.

Here’s the Platoon pose.

And he passes the chair chest!

The fun factor is also really high for this figure. So how does he compare to my other favorite figure? Greedo fight!

But wait…

…Greedo shoots first!

When it comes to customization, the Clone Trooper Sergeant is at a severe disadvantage. It has an almost unique head peg. It’s slightly smaller than the Stormtooper, so there are almost no figures you can swap the head with.

Here you can see that Boba Fett’s head peg is bigger, and Luke’s is smaller.

The only figure he’s compatible with is Darth Vader, which leads to this one creepy pic…

In the end, the Clone Trooper Sergeant is a fun figure. It’s well articulated, comes with two guns, can do a lot of poses, and overall looks good. It suffers from the same paint app issues that the entire series has suffered from, and the new neck peg is really annoying. If you’ve already got a regular Clone Trooper, then the Sergeant is only good if you plan on troop building. However, on it’s own, it’s not a bad figure.

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