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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:A-Force, Walking Dead, Star Wars Battle Pod & The Marvel Experience” covers a lot of stuff. First up, the announcement of an all female Avengers team called A-Force, discussion on whether John Diggle is John Stewart aka Green Lantern on Arrow, Teen Titan news and rumors and finally some coverage of The Marvel Experience (an interactive Marvel exhibit/roleplay). They also talk about The Walking Dead and Star Wars Battle Pod and throughout the episode they are joined by Pat Loika, Tony Kim, and Lauren Galloway.

Sci-Fi Psychology, Geeky Answers & Blood Elf Selfies” …goes into a pretty heavy discussion on Star Trek vs. Star Wars psychology. In this case they’re pulling a lot of stuff from an article on Yahoo News which in turn is based off a panel that was at Wondercon 2013. They give the panel and the panelists a bit of a rough time. Having heard Dr. Andrea Letamendi talk more in depth about the panel, and in general the psychology of different aspects of fandom, it’s actually a lot better than what they make it out to be. Aside from that, this episode dives into some planned Arrow books (though I wish they would have mentioned the authors involved), some comments Joss Whedon made about taking a break after Avengers: Age of Ultron, and some news on Supergirl and more.

Coffee With Kenobi: Rebels Reactions “Vision of Hope” episode includes guest Joe Tovano as they talk a little about his Padme article before heading into their thoughts on the show. They talk about Ezra’s training at the beginning of the episode and his acting on instinct, Senator Trayvis and the trap, the significance of Ezra trying to reveal his real name to Zare, Chopper taking out another droid and the success of Kanan and Ezra versus Obi-Wan and Anakin. Capping off the episode is their five questions for Joe. Good episode.

Episode 31 starts off with some Star Wars Celebration Anaheim discussion as they’ll be on the podcast stage. They’re joined by guest Scott Nafziger for a bit as they talk about The Force Awakens. In the Bearded Trio segment there’s a campaign for John Williams, George’s harsh comments on the Oscars and some mention of experimental movies he wants to do, news of John Rhys-Davies doing a Shannara tv show, Jeff Goldblum becoming a dad at 62, and Drew Struzan coming out of retirement for the Bat Kid poster. Afterwards Corey and Dan go into their collector’s segment covering some of the upcoming Black Series 6″ figures, then Scott Murray (Assembly of Geeks) joins them for a full on discussion of A New Hope. They ask some good questions: Are the characters well rounded? Is Obi-Wan a liar? Is the story still timeless? Once that is wrapped up, they tackle some listener feedback including a sci-fi versus fantasy argument.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode 16 starts off with some listener feedback, then Sara talks about the runDisney Star Wars half-marathon, and Tricia talks about the Star Wars Power of Costume exhibit in Seattle and what it was like to interview Anthony Daniels. Sara, Tricia and Teresa also discuss their Star Wars Celebration Anaheim plans, the possibility of a group fangirl flail event, and being on the podcasting stage. Later they are joined by Amy Ratcliffe. Yes, all of the powers of female fandom have now combined forces. The circle is now complete. But back on target, Amy joins them as they talk about adding fan flair to items like shoes, headbands and rings. This will be a multipart segment that will continue in future episodes. Afterwards Jenna Busch stops by to talk about the Legion of Leia and breaking down the segregation of fandom between boys and girls. Last but not least, they have their character discussion which focuses on Star Wars character relationships (but not just romantic ones). Think R2 and C-3PO rather than just Anakin and Padme. All and all a great episode and one of the best Star Wars podcasts out there period.

Fictional Frontiers: Episode 308 features an interview with producer Doug Langdale and Star Wars author James Luceno. I tuned in for just the Luceno portion of the episode which starts at the 13 minute mark. James talks about how Lucasfilm pitched the idea of a Tarkin book to him, something that would explore the dark times. He talks about how he didn’t dwell on old canon and new canon, how he set up the story, Tarkin’s use of logic and his talent as a military leader, channeling Peter Cushing, having Tarkin interact with Dooku, and Palpatine’s end game, a thing he’s been thinking about since Cloak of Deception and a story he hopes to finish in a future novel. Great interview and worth a listen.

Fly Casual: Episode 24 starts off with some Jurassic Park discussion before heading into Star Wars news, some Lucas bashing, toy discussion including the price increase on Black Series 3-3/4″ figures, and video game discussion on GOG’s new releases including Rogue Alliance, which sounds like a pretty cool game. Could have done without more Lucas bashing, but otherwise a good episode.

Episode 25 goes into a full on Frozen discussion before switching gears and covering Star Wars Rebels “Vision of Hope”. They also review Strange Magic and dive into some Star Wars standalone rumors. From who they think would be a good fit for Han Solo and Boba Fett, to the rumors about Sabine and filming in Mexico, they get into a lot of stuff, including a hilarious discussion of Michael Fassbender. Fun episode.

Full of Sith: Episode CI features hosts Bobby and Bryan as they’re joined by special guest David Collins for a Star Wars audio drama discussion. They talk about Brian Daley’s Star Wars audio dramas, hitting on the major roles, new scenes and the the performances that added new context to the films. It’s a very nice overview of the dramas complete with audio clips giving listeners a great idea of what they’re like and what they accomplished. Definitely an episode worth checking out.

My Star Wars Story: Episode 7 features Consetta Parker. Having heard Consetta as a guest on other podcasts, and as a co-host on Full of Sith back when they started, I thought I knew Consetta’s Star Wars story–how she was introduced to Star Wars, how she hooked up with Rancho Obi-Wan and how she married a stormtrooper–however Scott Ryfun goes above and beyond the call of fandom to get the whole story in detail like it’s never been told before. It’s part of the magic of the show. Consetta talks about seeing the film for the first time, getting to see The Empire Strikes Back three times, it coming out on her birthday, and how awesome the toy aisles were. She talks about subscribing to Bantha Tracks and getting a piece of her artwork published in there, about how she got into radio and was first in line to see the special edition of A New Hope. She covers being at some of the press junkets for the prequels and of course, how she met her stormtrooper husband at a Revenge of the Sith event. From there, she met Steve Sansweet, got involved with Rancho Obi-Wan and moved away from radio and into publicity for voice talent. It’s a great conversation and well worth hearing. Be sure to stick around after the end music for a bonus snippet.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 2.6.2015 is solo hosted by Jimmy but he’s joined by a couple guests along the way. He covers Rancho Obi-Wan referrals, the Shorty Awards, and is then joined by Paul Bateman as they cover the Star Wars headlines such as Felicity Jones being up for the lead in the first Star Wars standalone film and thoughts when we’ll see a press announcement. Paul shares his thoughts on the directory and writer, as well as the new writer Chris Witte and his comments on The Phantom Menace. Paul shares what he knows about Chris since he’s worked with him before. They also cover the idea of Boba Fett being a mantle that’s passed on to successors, Michael Fassbender being a contender for the role, and whether the soundtrack will be John Williams like or something completely different. They also touch on Stephen Stanton voicing Tarkin in Star Wars Rebels. Later on, Tricia joins Jimmy to talk about the Star Wars and the Power of Costume exhibit. She talks about the costumes on display, the inclusion of tactile and video features, interviewing Anthony Daniels, and the Billy Dee Williams panel. That transitions into the Billy Dee quote of the week and some audio clips of Billy Dee from the exhibit panel. Really cool episode overall.

Rebel Yell:Vision of Hope” features hosts Steve, Teresa and special guest Tricia Barr as they discuss the episode from Star Wars Rebels. This one gets deep into the discussion of Force visions and their relation to fate and destiny. Can you change the future of a vision? Great discussion and great review.

Talking Apes TV: Interview with Paul Bateman shakes things up a little by taking a break from the show reviews to speak with a fellow fan about all things Apes. They cover the old movies, the new movies, the television show, the comics, and even a weird Japanese attempt at a Planet of the Apes television show. There’s lots of fun discussion making this one a great episode to check out for all Planet of the Apes fans.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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