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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: Generations of Geek Fandom kicks off with a recap of everyone holiday geek gifts. Then they talk about the movies coming out this year, they take a side route on Howdy Doody, then dive into the Star Trek television shows they grew up with. Along with the success of superhero movies and many other topics, there’s lots of fun, geeky discussion in this episode.

Great Villain Voices & Great Grandma Flash includes discussion on the Batman LEGO movie, the Ant-Man teaser, The Flash, Arrow, Gotham and crossovers. Then they dig into a list discussing the best villain voices of all time.

The Arrow & The Flash on Caffeine is dedicated entirely to the Arrow and The Flash television shows. This one is hosted by just Scott and Amy as they go in depth on the shows, the characters, their thoughts, the possibility of crossovers, and where they think the shows are heading. As someone who has yet to watch either show, it was an interesting way to get exposed to them.

Obi-Wan’s Plan, Padme’s Broken Heart & Marvel’s End starts out with a discussion of Marvel’s plan to reform the Marvel comic universe with Secret Wars. Then they talk about Star Wars. They touch on George Lucas’ comments about Disney not using his story treatments before diving into fan theories. First up is whether Obi-Wan wanted to use Luke as bait to get Darth Vader. Afterwards is the idea of Padme dying from Palpatine’s efforts rather than a broken heart. Bobby Roberts from Full of Sith joins them for the Star Wars discussion. Overall, great episode.

Bombad Radio: Episode 184 starts off with some video game discussion as Jeremiah and Zach talk about the Rogue Squadron, TIE Fighter and Sid Meier games. Afterwards they interview voice actor Jeff Bennett who talks about Johnny Bravo, Gargoyles, The Brave and the Bold, Penguins of Madagascar and more. It’s a cool interview, and Jeff has done a lot of voices, some of which he shares, but he does pause a lot which hurts the flow of the interview a little. Otherwise worth checking out.

Hyperspace Theories: Episode #5 starts out with a discussion on Lawrence Kasdan. Tricia, Kay and B.J. are joined by special guest Bryan Young as they talk about the Kasdan’s filmwork. From Raiders of the Lost Ark to Silverado, The Big Chill and The Bodyguard. They cover what his effect might be on The Force Awakens, how he’s grown through his career, and even his on screen role in As Good As It Gets (which I never realized was him). Afterwards they head into their spoilers discussion, which is nothing too spoilery. As someone who is avoiding spoilers, I’d say it’s safe to listen to. They talk about whether a comment Mark Hamill made indicates he’ll be on the Falcon, the possibility of the trailer being aired at Celebration Anaheim and placed in front of Age of Ultron, and George Lucas’ comments on making stories for girls and marketing. Then they touch on ring theory a little bit and get into romantic fanfic requests. Lots of fun discussion.

Jedi Journals: February 2015 show covers their recent acquisitions, upcoming releases, a spoiler free discussion of Star Wars #1 and the myriad variety of covers. They really don’t cover a whole lot in this episode, and I was kind of disappointed that they didn’t know Heir to the Jedi was Kevin Hearne’s first Star Wars novel. Unless you’re a fan of the show, there’s nothing in this episode that you have to tune in for.

My Star Wars Story: Episode 6 features Tom Panarese as he recounts his childhood with Star Wars. He talks about seeing them first on the small screen, having an uncle with a laser disc player that made him some VHS copies, and Return of the Jedi being the first one he saw on the big screen. A lot of his story focuses on the toys. From losing Greedo to having an early white TIE fighter, he talks about wanting everything as a kid. It was also interesting to hear how he mixed G.I. JOE and Star Wars together since the figures were the same size. As time moved on, he recounts getting into the Expanded Universe with the books and comics, and what it was like being a Star Wars fan in college as the special editions came out. He mentions how Clerks added snark to his Star Wars fandom, being too broke to collect all the new figures as The Phantom Menace launched, and generally enjoying the prequels. Like all of the Star Wars stories, it’s an interesting look at different people’s fandoms and how they experienced Star Wars. Everyone has their own story, and Tom’s certainly adds to that milieu.

Rebel Yell:Idiot’s Array” features special guest Michael Cohen as they talk about the Star Wars Rebel‘s episode. They cover the puffer pig, the rules of sabacc, the use of Lando, Hera’s prominent role, Chopper being charmed by Lando, and the use of Azmorigan. There’s also quite a bit of off topic and side discussions as they get into lightsabers, Hera and Kanan’s relationship, Star Wars names and panda bears. No matter where the discussion goes, it’s always fun and entertaining.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 65 starts off with guests Cory Clubb and Dan Zehr from Coffee with Kenobi as they talk about how they met, how their podcast got started, and both of them just talk in general about their Star Wars and Disney fandoms. It’s a nice interview and worth checking out. Afterwards they talk with Louella Lau­re­ola about Disney’s 60th anniversary. Louella was there at Disneyland for the special announcement regarding the anniversary plans. Then they talk with Sascha Pal­adino, the creator and executive producer of an upcoming show called Miles From Tomorrowland which airs this month on Disney Junior. Cool to hear that Mark Hamill and George Takei will be lending their voice talents to the show.

Star Wars Oxygen: Volume 14 begins their coverage of the prequels as they head into The Phantom Menace. I really like how they went straight for the big guns with “Duel of the Fates” and how much attention they gave the song. They bring up its similarities to the Carmina Burana (particularly “O Fortuna”). They play some sound bytes of John Williams talking about the music and him conducting the orchestra in warm ups and practice sessions. They talk about the use of the chorus and how they used sanskrit and based the feeling of the music on ancient poetry of a battle among trees and druids. Beyond that is George’s early comments about revisiting that song in the third film, William’s indicating that they might have discussed not using the classic opening theme for The Phantom Menace, and a nice dissection of Anakin’s theme. I did not realize the “Imperial March” is included as an easter egg in the theme, nor did I realize it included every note in the scale, thus encompassing the beginning, the end, and everything in between just like Anakin’s story. He encompasses both light and dark. It’s a nice tie-in I never realized. All in all, a superb episode that educates and entertains. When a show adds more meaning to the movies like this, it’s required listening.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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