Black Series: ROTJ Luke

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Return of the Jedi Luke is part of Wave 5 of Hasbro’s 6-inch Black Series figures. The slim figure comes in his ominous black clothes with just a lightsaber and an optional chest piece (to pull off the open tunic look). The initial figs that hit the pegs came with the usual array of paint apps, and none of them really caught my eye. However, I finally found one with a paint app that I liked, and this Luke followed me home.

He does have one flaw, a small speck of brown paint between his eyes, but that should be easy enough to fix. The important factor for me was the eyes. It took a long time to find one with a set of eyes I liked.

Like the other figures in the line, his lightsaber has a removable blade so you can display him with a lit or unlit lightsaber.

He also has a hook on his belt that you can hang the lightsaber on.

Like I mentioned earlier, he comes with two chest pieces. One has the vest buttoned all the way up, and one has it folded down. They simply plug into his chest via two pegs. They fit pretty securely, too.

When it comes to articulation, this figure scores high points. There’s nothing to get in the way, so Luke has no problem with the chair test.

He also passes the kneel and fire test.

Without a proper peg stand (still need to find one of those) the more extreme positions can be tricky to balance, but he has no problem making the pose.

Now this Luke is the second in the 6-inch Black Series line, the previous one being X-Wing Fighter Pilot Luke. Side by side, you can really see the difference between the two designs. X-Wing Luke is much stockier. There are some similarities with the mouth and nose, but the eyes and hair style are radically different. ROTJ Luke also has a much thinner face.

My first thought was, “let’s swap heads!” Then, “Ah! Giraffe neck!” Unfortunately these two figures are not well suited to a simple head swap. In one case there is no neck, in the other, there is way too much neck. Hasbro is definitely not designing these figures for easy customization.

Han’s body suffers from the same problem, as he has a long neck, so that’s not a good choice for a body swap.

However, Darth Maul works.

The ROTJ Luke/Darth Maul swap results in a nice dark side Luke and roguish Maul.

But what Return of the Jedi Luke was really meant to do is battle Darth Vader.

Alas, the lightsaber is no match for the power of the Force…

…unless they find out they’re father and son.

Overall, I’m really happy with the ROTJ Luke. He has a lot of articulation and is very posable. If you find a good paint app, he also looks nice. Plus there’s the play factor. ROTJ Luke looks way better than X-Wing Luke when fighting Vader. As such, I highly recommend hunting one down and adding it to your collection. It’s a nice figure.

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