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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:OMG! Star Wars Trailer” surprisingly doesn’t cover the trailer as much as the title of the episode would lead you to believe. They do however touch on the trailer and some of the controversies people are making a fuss over. Aside from the trailer, they also talk about the Jurassic World trailer, some comments Christian Bale made about playing Batman again, and some anniversaries for Star Trek and the Ewok movies. If you’re burnt out on TFA trailer discussions, this one is still worth checking out as Scott, Tricia and guest Jeff Roney talk a lot more about stuff outside the content of the trailer than say a scene-by-scene dissection. For fans of Assembly of Geeks, Tricia announced that she’ll be leaving the show soon do to time constraints. As a fan myself, it will be sad to see her go. Tricia has been a great part of the show and her, Scott and Jeff make a great trio.

Bombad Radio: Episode 174 features an interview with Star Wars composer Jesse Harlin who worked on Republic Commando, The Force Unleashed, Star Wars Battlefront, Star Wars Galaxies, The Old Republic and Star Wars 1313. He talks about composing, editing and arranging video game music, some of instruments he’s worked with, and even discusses some of the stuff he did for the cancelled Star Wars 1313 game. Sadly that music won’t be coming out, but they were able to share a snippet. Jesse teased that the game would have included Hutt gangster rap. For fans of Star Wars games or RebelForce Radio’s Star Wars Oxygen series, this is an episode worth listening to.

Episode 177 starts out with a live recording of Jeremiah and his wife watching The Force Awakens trailer and giving their initial thoughts, which I have to admit I haven’t heard anyone else do. But the real fun kicks in with Jeremiah’s interview with voice actor Corey Burton who talks about getting into the business, the voices and shows he’s done, coming up with the voices for Ziro the Hutt and Cad Bane, as well as his work for Disney and DC Comics.

December Free-For-All features James, Scott Murray (Assembly of Geeks), Scott Allen (501stCast) and Neil Baker as they dive into The Force Awakens trailer with their thoughts on each of the scenes revealed.

Zillo Rising is a special audio drama Bombad Radio did with a sizable cast and an original story featuring the Zillo beast from Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It’s around 30 minutes long, so the format is about right for an episode of TCW. The voice acting is pretty good and there’s all the expected sound effects which gives it a nice quality. For fans of audio dramas or Star Wars audiobooks, it’s worth checking out.

Coffee with Kenobi: Episode #27 starts out with some Star Wars Celebration Anaheim discussion as they talk about the con poster and the Star Wars artists that will be attending as well as the one big name missing from the list. Mike Audette joins them for a con report for Rhode Island Comic Con including the guests he met and the panels that went down. The Bearded Trio chime in for a film called Strange Magic as well as Jurassic World news. Then Dan and Cory have guests Bill, Dan and Cory from the Wolfpack Podcast on to talk about how their podcast got started, doing videocasts, and for the main discussion, they talk Sith. Good range of topics–from Dooku, absolutes and Grievous to the Inquisitor and Force ghosts. They wrap up with their usual Inside the Actor Studio-style Star Wars questions and some listener emails. Good episode as always.

The Force Awakens Coffee Chat covers their reactions to the trailer. It’s a short episode at just 24 minutes so it’s a quick way to stop in and listen to see what the hosts thoughts were on the trailer.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode #13 celebrates their one year anniversary of podcasting. As such, they reflect on their first year, go through some listener feedback and share some of their highlights of the year. They also have a great interview with Greg Weisman who talks about Star Wars Rebels, comics, writing and working in television. Their character discussion for this episode is Han Solo. Good episode to check out.

Jedi Journals: December 2014 episode focuses on the Star Wars Marvel comic cover variants. Kind of a light episode. They do include gift ideas for those still doing their Christmas shopping.

Legends Library: Heir to the Empire episode is kind of a double entree as they discuss not only the book, but the audiobook as well. As a new podcast diving into the Star Wars Legends novels, Randy and Luke do a pretty good job of keeping things entertaining. They move through the whole book in just one episode, keep the time down to a manageable 36 minutes, and top it off with good audio quality. If you’re looking for a podcast covering Star Wars books or audiobooks, this one is worth checking out. As someone who has never listened to a Star Wars audiobook, I really enjoy their input on that format and what they’re like.

Interview with Marc Thompson episode is a nice discussion with one of the voice actors for the Star Wars audiobooks. Marc talks about how he got into the business, the books he’s done, some of the voices he’s done, his worries about the shift to Disney, and what goes into bringing the audiobooks to life. It’s a nice, casual interview with lots of great questions and good audio quality. Definitely worth checking out.

Star Wars Beyond the Films: Episode #150 looks back at Dark Horse Comics Star Wars run covering the good, the bad and the forgotten. They pull no punches and give their honest opinions on what comics they think Dark Horse did a great job with and which ones missed the mark. It’s a candid review of the Dark Horse Star Wars era.

Star Wars Report: Episode #154 is hosted by Riley and Mark as they discuss The Force Awakens teaser trailer with special guests Steve Glosson, Bobby Roberts, Amy Ratcliffe, Mark Newbold and Aaron Goins. With so many perspectives, this made for a really fun review of the trailer.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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