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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Full of Sith: Episode XCII is another cross-over style episode, this time featuring the hosts of the ForceCast, Eric, Erik and Justin. They talk about their introductions to Star Wars, how they got started on the ForceCast, and some discussion on the trailer and the Mace Windu rumors.

Episode XCIII kicks off with a full on discussion of the newly released trailer for The Force Awakens. Mike, Bryan, Bobby and Amy share their favorite moments from the trailer without taking up an hour of time. Instead, the rest of the show focuses on Star Wars Tours. They talk about the old version of the ride, the new incarnation, what the ride is like, and they even get into a Disneyland discussion about Disney jail and Tom Sawyer island. Really fun episode and definitely worth a slot on your playlist.

Now Playing Podcast: to broaden my horizons a bit (and mostly because I enjoyed Star Wars Action News’ cross-over cast for Plastic Galaxy), I decided to try out a few episodes of Now Playing Podcast. Fair warning, if you see a short show, it’s because it’s a teaser for one of their fundraising episodes. Sometimes they’ll do exclusive shows only available to those who donate and they’ll release a short teaser of the full show for everyone to check out. I’d recommend skipping those as it’ll just aggravate you that you can’t listen to the full show. Picking some movies I like at random, I tried their Halloween, Predator, The Lost Boys and Terminator shows. Each is a full discussion with a three host format breaking down the main scenes of the movie, providing a little bit of film trivia, and sharing their thoughts on the film, the actors, the director and the music. I don’t mind, but for those that do, they do use profanity. Overall, it’s kind of entertaining, but I’m not sure if I’ll check out more or not.

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