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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:Dr. Doom vs The Muppets” is a fun episode covering Dark Crystal and Labyrinth sequels, a Ghostbusters reboot with an all female cast, Tricia’s report from Geek Girl Con, a Batman discussion and Michael Keaton’s comments on the role, plus the Lego Batman movie. They talk about the upcoming Archie vs Predator comic and propose Dr. Doom vs the Muppets. And there’s tv coverage for The Flash, Arrow, Gotham, and more. Great episode filled with tons of entertaining topics.

Bombad Radio: Episode 172 features an awesome interview with Dr. Travis Langley who talks about psychology and Batman. One of the great aspects of the interview is an observation he made. Batman is a hero define by his psychology, and his villains are in turn defined by their psychology. Dr. Langley digs into some of Batman’s most iconic villains and their various psychological issues. It’s a very intriguing combination of topics and a must listen to for Batman fans.

Coffee with Kenobi: Episode #25 includes special guest Ryder Waldron who talks about Salt Lake Comic Con 2014. The Bearded Trio provides some Spielberg updates and Jurassic World news. They reveal a new podcast that will be featured on their site called Legends Library and they share a decent sized audio clip from the hosts and their thoughts and experiences with the old Star Wars EU. It sounds interesting so I’ll have to check it out. Afterwards, Cory and Dan interview voice actress Catherine Taber (the voice of Padme from Star Wars: The Clone Wars). There are some audio problems with the interview. The first half and the last five questions are all fine, but in between there is a good sized chunk that got garbled by Skype. It only affected Cat’s audio, and it was only for part of the interview, so it’s still worth checking out. They asked some really good questions and Cat gave some good answers, really digging into the character of Padme.

Rebels Reactions: Spark of Rebellion” is hosted by Dan, Cory, Craig and Johnamarie as they breakdown and discuss the premier of Star Wars Rebels. They cover the new style of animation, their favorite characters, the killing of stormtroopers, them being terrible shots, and whether the badguys are turning into a joke, as well as the kid appropriateness for the show, the level of violence and their overall thoughts. All in all, a really nice review of the mini-movie.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode #12 starts off with Little Debbie as they dive into their favorite treats and a galactic snack pack. From there they head into lots of fun topics including Star Wars Episode VII (no spoilers to worry about), recaps of Geek Girl Con and New York Comic Con, and a great interview with Steve Blum, the voice of Zeb in Star Wars Rebels.

ForceCast: Special with Vanessa Marshall was an interesting episode. The entire show is a special interview that was done with Star Wars Rebels voice actress Vanessa Marshall. It was a round robin setup with three different interviewers, Eric Geller, Teresa Delgado, and Stephen Rice. They each took turns asking Vanessa questions, which led to some really good Q&A, however it doesn’t have the same feel as a normal podcast interview since all three hosts are from different podcasts and I’m not sure they’ve ever worked together before. It doesn’t have the same rapport you get with a team whose worked together before. The audio quality isn’t too bad, but you can tell it’s a phone call interview. Still, it’s worth a listen as Vanessa gives some good answers.

Full of Sith: Episode LXXXVII features special guest Chris Taylor (How Star Wars Conquered the Universe) and it’s like listening to Star Wars Influences but better. Chris discusses the importance of Hal Barwood on Star Wars. He covers Hal’s idea for a movie called Star Dancing/Homefree, his use of Ralph McQuarrie paintings to promote the movie, and how Steven Spielberg almost directed it. They also talk about Hal’s impact on video games, other early sci-fi films, and how it all ties back to Star Wars. It’s a great conversation that I thoroughly enjoyed. Definitely the highlight of my playlist.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 10.17.14 includes guests David Collins and J.C. Reifenberg as they talk about the videocast they’ve been doing called The Comlink. Jimmy also shares a prank clip for the Star Wars Rebels Vader cameo, they talk about Saturday morning cartoons and head into the rumors of the Obi-Wan trilogy and what they think of the idea. Good episode. Note that I skipped the 15 minute rumors section at the end, so I’m not sure what was covered there. Listen at your own risk.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 50 talks about The Empire Strikes Back Uncut and the portion they contributed, Star Wars Reads Day, and a great segment on Saturday morning cartoons with the hosts of TechnoRetro Dads. They also talk with Jeff and Colleen Roney from the Once Upon A Time Fan Podcast, Kevin Reitzel who gives a con report on Jedi-Con, and Dave Skale who shares some cool ghost stories about Disney World. Excellent episode with lots of great topics and guests. I really enjoyed the Saturday morning cartoons discussion as that brought back a lot of old memories and had me thinking about my favorite cartoons (Garfield, Bravestar, Rocky & Bullwinkle, Darkwing Duck and Inspector Gadget). I also really like the ghost stories segment, probably my favorite Disney topic they’ve covered so far on the show.

Episode 51 features special guest Jere­miah Daws, the maker of the fan film Missing In the Mansion. He talks about getting the idea for it, how they made it, creating the sequel, and much more. Very interesting discussion even though I haven’t seen the short film. They also have Simon Wilkie on for some C-3PO safety tips, another Disney short review from Tracy and Scott Mor­ris, and more ghost stories and trivia from Dave Skale.

Star Wars Oxygen: Volume 11 is another excellent show exploring the music of Star Wars. They start off with some listener feedback then head into alternate versions of John Williams’ music from several compilation albums including Jabba’s theme and the Lapti Nek song. Jimmy even shares a version of Lapti Nek sung by John Williams’ son. They touch on the Max Reebo song that’s never been released, the end song change for Return of the Jedi, as well as they lyrics for Yub Nub and Lapti Nek. Great episode and definitely worth checking out.

Star Wars Rebels Declassified:Droids in Distress” is hosted by Jason, Jimmy, David Collins and J.C. Reifenberg. They cover the character dialog, the extent of corruption, C-3PO, R2’s secret mission, Bail Organa’s objectives, stormtroopers not being clones anymore, Zeb, Kallus, and Phil Lamarr. It’s a nice review and worth a listen.

Talking Apes TV: Episode 3 covers the Gladiators episode. Again, I’ve never watched the Planet of the Apes tv show, but it’s fun to listen to them discuss the episodes. They talk about the show naming a gorilla Jason, the search for a computer, the thematic elements of how the two main characters deal with accepting or rejecting their fate, and the interesting story aspects as this episode explores a new ape city with much friendlier apes. If you’ve never watched the show but want to experience it vicariously in an audio format, this is worth trying out.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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