The Tarkin Gallery

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the-tarkin-galleryThe man. The myth. The legend. Tarkin started off as one of the major villains in first Star Wars movie. Yet with his untimely death, he sort of slipped away into the background. Stories of Tarkin have been few and far between. It wasn’t until Tarkin’s reappearance in Star Wars: The Clone Wars that he became an active character again in the galaxy far, far away. Now with James Luceno writing an entire novel dedicated to the character, Tarkin is back in the spotlight.

To help highlight his character even more, we combed the internet in search of artwork depicting the man himself. Of course one cannot look at Tarkin without seeing the actor who played him on screen, the legendary Peter Cushing. While not every artist has endeavoured to capture Cushing’s likeness, they’ve all played a part in shaping his legacy. From his skeletal features to his iconic hand gestures, Cushing’s affectations have become an inseparable part of the character itself.

It is without further ado that we present the Star Wars art of Tarkin.

The Tarkin Gallery

Wilhuff Tarkin by Wintersixfour

Tarkin by Michael Butkus, Essential Guide to Characters

Moffs Wessex, Tarkin and Wessel  by Joe Corroney, Star Wars Insider 84

Grand Moff Tarkin by de prime

Tarkin by Russell Dickerson

Tarkin by Tom Strom

Tarkin by Doug Wheatley

Tarkin by Michael Sutfin, New Essential Guide to Characters

Tarkin by Ian McCaig

Grand Moff Tarkin by Forsaken

Grand Moff Tarkin by Edrice

Tarkin by Jones4rt

Tarkin by Bard Tabar

Grand Moff Tarkin by krisjustice

Grand Moff Tarkin by mgasser

Grand Moff Tarkin by Giova

Tarkin by yoda11090

Tarkin by Mark Chiarello

Tarkin by Fisher22

Tarkin by Mark McHaley

Tarkin by mygrimmbrother

Tarkin by Joe Corroney

Tarkin by Dave Peloe

Tarkin by huhwhatjason

Tarkin by Rogue Eidolon

Tarkin by Nick Borkowicz

Commander Tarkin by Foxinshadow

Tarkin by El Woopo

Grand Moff Tarkin by rodrigoev12

Tarkin by alexronald68

Tarkin by thdark

Moff Tarkin by Terry Cook

Tarkin by Brian Rood

by Dave Dorman

Japanese cover of 'Death Star', cover by Tsuyoshi Nagano

by Dave Dorman

Rise of the Sith by Dave Dorman

cover by Tony Harris

Vader and Tarkin by Benjamin Carre
Vader and Tarkin by Joe Corroney

by Rick J. Bryant

Saint Tarkin by Jacob McAlister

Tarkin by Chris Trevas

Tarkin by Jerry Vanderstelt

Tarkin by Allen Douglas

cover by Drew Struzan

Tarkin illustration for Star Wars Insider, by Joe Corroney and Brian Miller

Construction of First Death Star by Ben Wooten

Back cover draft for 'Tarkin' by David Smit

Back cover final for 'Tarkin' by David Smit

Front cover draft for 'Tarkin' by David Smit

Front cover final for 'Tarkin' by David Smit

'Tarkin' cover

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