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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks: “Reviewing Geek TV Shows” is a geek roundtable episode with guests Kay (FANgirl Blog), Emily (Wrong Button Blog) and Cory (Coffee with Kenobi). This episode includes lots of geek questions and discussions, some negativity on Gotham, thoughts and criticism on the new video game Destiny, and thoughts on geek tv shows and movies, especially Marvel and DC. Good episode overall.

Harry Potter and the Targets of Boba Fett” starts out with a Harry Potter discussion since Scott is watching all the films as they’re being screened at a local theater. They also talk some The Dark Crystal with their special co-host in this episode, Charli Armstrong (who fills in for Tricia). Then they head into an Indiana Jones discussion and the possibility and rumors of an Indy 5. Later they’re joined by Dan Zehr as they talk about Star Wars Rebels.

Bombad Radio: October Free-For-All episode includes host James, and guests Scott Murray and Steve Crellin. As usual in the free-for-all, they cover a lot of topics, but this time around Star Wars stays their main focus. From Christopher Walken going to the dark side to Star Wars Rebels and Star Wars Episode VII (include a potential major spoiler which I fast forwarded through). They also go over Gotham and share their thoughts on the series and where it needs to go to maintain interest.

Episode 167 is a batch of quick, fun interviews from Salt Lake Comic Con. Jeremiah talks with Craig Parker who was in Lord of the Rings and Legend of the Seeker, with Veronica Taylor, the voice of Ash from Pokemon, with Kris and Dave from Cyanide and Happiness, and members of Umbrella Corporation, WETA, and Faraway Creations (Star Wars prop builders). Lots of interviews, lots of variety for a fun episode.

Clone Wars Declassified: “Crystal Crisis on Utapau” is a discussion of the newly released animatics of unfinished TCW episodes, specifically a four part arc called the “Crystal Crisis on Utapau”. They share their thoughts on the unfinished episodes, how it felt like the first real Obi-Wan/Anakin episodes, and how it bridges the gap between Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith. They also touch on Anakin’s selfishness, the Jedi’s disappointment in Ahsoka, the return to Utapau, Grievous, the kyber crystal and a missed opportunity to have it be the Death Star crystal. Afterwards they’re joined by Jamie King who talks about avoiding spoilers and the joys of raising a Star Wars baby.

Disney Vault Talk: Fun and Fancy Free” covers the Disney animated collection of shorts called Fun and Fancy Free. They start out with listener feedback, Disney news, a quick discussion on Star Wars Rebels, and more details on Rebel Yell podcast. Then they dive into the main discussion with fun facts and a enjoyable commentary of each of the shorts that make Fun and Fancy Free. Overall…fun episode :)

Jedi Journals: October 2014 episode has another look back at Dark Horse, the latest book, comic and magazine news, a look at How Star Wars Conquered the Universe and a discussion with Dan Wallace on his latest Star Wars book the Imperial Handbook. He talks about how he wrote the bulk of the material before the Legends announcement and how he was asked to add Star Wars Rebels stuff later on. Capping off the episode is some listener feedback and questions. Good episode, I especially enjoyed the interview with Dan Wallace.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 49 starts off with a conversation with Dave Parfitt (Adventures By Daddy) who talks about going on a Disney Halloween cruise. Then they talk with Tracey and Scott about a dancing skeleton short done by Disney back in their early days. Afterwards they’re joined by Dave Skale as they talk about the history and origin of the Haunted Mansion. Nice episode with a fun Halloween vibe.

Star Wars Bookworms: Episode #32 features special guest Megan (Blog Full of Words) as they cover Legacy – Wanted: Ania Solo and Ezra’s Gamble. They also talk about Star Wars Rebels and the premier, TCW animatics, Dark Disciple, their book club, and NYCC. Fun episode as always with some good discussion. The two reviews do include spoilers, however, I for one haven’t read Ezra’s Gamble so they do give adult readers a good idea whether it’s worth checking out or not.

Talking Apes TV: Episode 2 dives into the Planet of the Apes television show with an extensive overview of episode one. It’s a good combination of commentary and summary. Having never seen the television show, I was able to follow along and envision the events as they covered them. It’s also a very persuasive discussion of the episode and the show, enough so that I’m compelled to check it out. One thing I really liked was hearing the contradictions between the show and the movies since I have seen all the movies. If you’re an Apes fan, it’s worth a listening to.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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