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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:The Big Bang Theory & Gotham” episode starts out with a discussion on The Big Bang Theory, switches to Jeremiah’s report on Salt Lake Comic Con, and wraps up with a Gotham discussion. Guests John and Derek (The Gotham TV Podcast) join them to talk about hopes for the tv show. All around, a really good episode but…one of the ongoing gags for this episode is a laugh track (which plays into their discussion of The Big Bang Theory and whether or not the show uses one). Unfortunately the laugh track plays through the whole show and is kind of annoying. Each time it cues it, it took me out of the discussion. Definitely could have used less of that.

Bonus Points Lee Arenberg and Lana Parrilla includes two interviews with the aforementioned actors covering their roles in Once Upon A Time. Both interviews were previously released in early episodes so if you’ve heard them already, you can skip this one. Lee Arenberg talks about playing Grumpy and about his other acting work in the Pirates of the Caribbean films and even his own directing work. Lana Parrilla talks about playing different roles (the evil queen and the mayor), balancing that, and finding the characters.

Bombad Radio: Episode 168 features their interview with voice actress Anna Graves. They’ve had Anna on a couple times before, but this time around she’s able to talk about her work in Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6, revealing some of the roles she played. She also talks about her voiceover work for the Syfy Channel, video games, and her aspirations. It’s a nice interview and worth checking out.

Fangirls Going Rogue: Episode 11 features Teresa, Tricia, Johnamarie (The Wookiee Gunner) and Erich Schoeneweiss (Del Rey). They talk about San Diego Comic Con 2014, A New Dawn, Star Wars Rebels, Dragon Con 2014, Kitwarr and New York Comic Con 2014. Breaking things up, they have an interview with Mary Franklin who talks about how she started working for Lucasfilm and talks about her work for the conventions. Finishing things off, Teresa, Tricia, Johnamarie and Erich get into a discussion on droid sentience, the pros and cons, and wrap up a great episode. Lots of fun discussion, great guests, and a good one to add to your playlist.

Skywalking Through Neverland: Episode 47 starts off with some theme park news regarding Frozen, then heads into a Disney character discussion with Kenny the Pirate. Kenny maintains an app that tells Disney World guests where they can go and when in order to find every character in the park. Kenny gives some tips on meeting characters and shares some fun stories. Afterwards, Adam and Bob­bie Jo Med­ina continue the Disney character discussion with their quest to get a picture with every character. They cover their favorites, their white whales, and other interesting experiences at the park. Finishing off the show is guests Tracey and Scott who talk about Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, one of the first Disney characters. They cover some of his short films, his history, how Disney lost the character, and finally how they got him back. I never knew anything about Oswald, so this was kind of a cool discussion to hear how this character came about and what all happened to him. Great episode to check. The character theme nicely flows into each discussion and made for a fun topic.

Star Wars Oxygen: Volume 10 begins their discussion of the music of Return of the Jedi. They cover the Emperor’s theme, David reveals how the Hero’s Journey is hidden in the main theme, and he also shows how Luke and Leia’s theme incorporates part of the main theme. Then there’s Jabba’s theme which barely makes it into the movie with it’s stand out tuba melody. They tease a little of what’s to come, but with all they packed into this one, listeners will be thoroughly satisfied. Great stuff.

Star Wars Report: Episode #144 features Riley, Bethany, Teresa and Aaron as they talk about their experiences at Dragon Con 2014. They share their highlights, however they miss out on some good storytelling opportunities as they more often than not share just a snippet of something cool that happened rather than telling the whole story, which probably would have been more entertaining and interesting. I hate to single out Riley, but he really stood out for doing just that, sharing something cool but leaving the audience dangling and not diving into the full story. If you’re short on time, you can skip this episode. I’d recommend checking out their Dragon Con panel audio episodes instead (like Episode #143 or Star Wars Bookworms #30 and #31).

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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