The Dark Ink Star Wars Alliance

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Dark Ink is running a special Star Wars Alliance timed release featuring prints by artists like David Rabbitte, Dave Nestler, Gary Shipman, Jerry Vanderstelt, Tim Proctor, James Silvani, Peter Ferk, Steve Anderson, Joe Corroney, Brian Miller, Cat Staggs, Jason Reed, Brent Woodside, Kayla Woodside, Charity Wood, Chris Trevas, Brian Rood and Mike Kungl. Running from September 5 to 15th, you can check out and purchase the prints on Below you can check out the full array of prints.

“The Scoundrel” by Steve Anderson

“The Last Princess of Alderaan” by Kayla Woodside

“Su Cuy’gar” by Brent Woodside

“Saga” by Jerry Vanderstelt

“The Dark Lord Invades” by Chris Trevas

“Determined Diplomat” by Gary Shipman

“Encounter at Echo Base” by Cat Staggs

“Scum & Villainy” by James Silvani

“Crush the Rebellion” by Brian Miller

“Conquer” by Joe Corroney and Brian Miller

“Air Transport Command” by Peter Ferk

“A New Hope” by Brad Bishop

“A Symbol of Hope” by Steve Anderson

“Final Orders” by M. Jason Reed

“Jester’s Court” by Dave Nestler

“Victory” by David Rabbitte

“She’s No Bucket of Bolts” by Charity Wood

“Kestrel X-34” by Peter Ferk

“Boba” by Tim Proctor

“77 Vader” by Mike Kungl

(which glows in the dark)

“Take Your Prize” by Brian Rood

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