Movie Review: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’

August 5, 2014 at 6:00 am | Posted in Movies, Reviews, scifi/fantasy | Leave a comment

The movie everyone has been amped to see has arrived, and best of all, it delivered. With Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel has shown that not only can it do superhero movies, but it can do sci-fi as well. Plus they’ve proved that they can be successful with lesser known characters too. Chock full of action, humor, captivating dialog and characters, Guardians serves up entertainment from beginning to end.

Star-Lord: “Something good? Something bad? Bit of both?”

Skuldren: On a personal level, this is the best sci-fi movie I’ve seen since The Fifth Element, and honestly, that’s a great movie to compare it to. Both have the same variety of colorful aliens and cultures mixed with a good amount of humor and action. They’re not deep, sci-fi epics. Instead, they’re highly entertaining sci-fi adventures. It’s a good formula and worthy of a sequel, which has already been announced. To say it’s better than Avengers or Star Wars isn’t really relevant as they are very different films. Avengers benefited from building on existing movies and character development to present a team-up film that all takes place on Earth. Contrasting with that, Guardians takes place on multiple locations around the galaxy and had the extra task of introducing the audience to these new characters and worlds. Star Wars, on the other hand, takes itself way more seriously. Guardians is definitely not a Star Wars rip off. One of the things they succeeded in doing is standing apart from the other big sci-fi franchises like Star Wars and Star Trek. Guardians has a very different feel with a lot more humor. Continue Reading Movie Review: ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’…

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