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Marvel has revealed three Star Wars comic series they’ll be doing at San Diego Comic Con 2014, and has the covers, some inside artwork, and interviews! Each will pick up after Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Check out the highlights below.

Star Wars

Ongoing series
Writer: Jason Aaron
Artist: John Cassaday
Starting January 2015

Jason Aaron: “It’s very much a team book and we’ve got all the main players here. Luke, Han, Leia, Chewie, the droids, and Darth Vader all get big moments in this first arc, and that’s our core cast going forward. I do want to be able to use Obi-Wan Kenobi. I’ve always liked the old Ben Kenobi version of Obi-Wan, so we will see him in some capacity.

Story wise, I think our book is driven in some big way by Luke and by the pretty interesting spot we find him in at this period in the timeline. You look at the gap between Episodes IV and V and there’s quite a bit that happens off screen that we get to explore.”

Star Wars: Darth Vader

Ongoing series
Writer: Kieron Gillen
Artist: Salvador Larroca
Starting February 2015

Kieron Gillen: “The high-level concept is that it picks up very shortly after the destruction of the Death Star. Vader is the sole survivor of the greatest military disaster of all time. A disaster he isn’t entirely to blame for, but at least some of the blame is his. He completely let the Rebels escape with the plans. So this kind of comes back to him.”

“Then there’s a lot of stuff that touches on the underworld. When Vader’s reaching out to people to try to get stuff done, he can’t really do it in front of the Empire. One of the things I’ve always found fascinating is the bounty hunter briefing scene in Empire. It tells you two things. One, Vader really is a micro-manager. [Laughs] And two, he knows them. He specifically says, “No disintegrations,” [to Boba Fett]. He knows enough about this dude, and these dudes, to brief them in specific ways. So we’re digging into that relationship a little bit — how Vader knows this stuff.”

Star Wars: Princess Leia

Five issue miniseries
Writer: Mark Waid
Artist: Terry Dodson
Starting March 2015

Mark Waid: “Basically, the nugget of the idea I seized on is — once the Death Star is defeated, once all the adrenaline dies down, once all the medals are given out and Leia gets a chance to take a half step back — the emotional impact of losing absolutely everything you know, everything about your culture, everything about your family, all in one fell swoop. That’s something we just don’t have the time to deal with in Episode IV and V. That, I find really captivating, because that’s got to be the lowest moment in her entire life and a character is really defined by how they react in the lowest moment of their life. In this case, she has to actively choose: Will I be princess of nothing, and sort of just ride along in the Rebel Alliance and subsume myself to them, or is there a responsibility that comes with the title of Princess even though there are no subjects or royal house anymore.”

“So, our story is about Leia not long after the end of Episode IV deciding, “Well, as the princess, there are still responsibilities that fall to me, like making contact with any stray Alderaanians out there who may not know what happened. It is my job as princess to deliver the bad news. It is my job to bring those who survived by being in other places, together. It is my job to help preserve some sort of cultural heritage of my people, so that everything my planet stood for and everything my people stood for doesn’t get forgotten.” So it’s a five-issue story [arc] that takes her across the galaxy in search of others of her kind to try and pull them together. Of course, some of them are going to be suspect, because they suspect this could be some sort of weird trap by the Empire. Some of them are going to be very angry, as they rightly or wrongly blame the house of Organa for what happened. Obviously, Leia will be traveling as low profile as she possibly can. If and when the Empire gets wind of the fact that Leia is doing is this, they’re going to be very interested themselves in what she’s doing, what she thinks she’s doing, and what information there is to be mined from these people.”

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  1. Who did they model Leia after for the Leia series? That looks almost nothing like Leia.

  2. Yeah, no idea, but I agree. Certainly doesn’t look like Leia.

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