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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

501stCast: Episode 83 has some Star Wars news and rumors on Star Wars Episode VII, Phineas & Ferb, and the Lucas museum. The rest of the episode is devoted to troop reports. If you’re wanting to catch up on what the 501st Legion is up to, they’ve got you covered.

Bombad Radio: Episode 157 is a nice movie discussion show that stays spoiler free but interesting. Hosts James and Jeremiah are joined by guests Steve C. (Disney Infinity Cast, The Mousecast) and Adam D. (Drogemeister Blog, Blue Box) as they cover Godzilla, The Amazing Spiderman 2, The LEGO Movie, Transformers: Age of Extinction, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, Guardians of the Galaxy, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Edge of Tomorrow, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. From the best movies they’ve seen this year to the worst, and what they’re looking forward to next, they cover a lot of films.

Coffee with Kenobi: Coffee Chat with Mark Dodson is a good interview, though the audio can be pretty rough. The interview is courtesy of James Howell, unfortunately all of James’ side of the conversation is really crumby sounding, however Mark’s side of the audio is excellent. Mark talks about working as a laborer for Industrial Light & Magic, being fascinated with voice actors as a kid, doing all the voices for the gremlins in the movie Gremlins, and how doing the voice of Salacious Crumb got him that part. He covers how his audition for Ackbar led to Salacious Crumb, being an extra in Howard the Duck, and talks about tips for voice over. If you don’t mind the silent gaps and static riddled questions, Mark’s side of the conversation is well worth listening to.

A Cup of Clone Wars with Tasia Valenza is a cool interview with the voice of Shaak Ti from The Clone Wars. Unlike the Dodson interview, this one is done by the hosts, Dan and Cory, and while the audio is a lot better than the Dodson interview, the pitch does change a couple times. It’s not a huge deal. Anyways, Tasia talks about her voice work, her thoughts on her characters and what happened in the show, and more.

Disney Vault Talk: The Top Ten Episode covers their top ten favorite Disney movies, both animated and live action, yet it starts with honorable mentions. That amounts to a lot of movies, including, but not limited to, TRON: Legacy, Emperor’s New Groove, Frozen, Flight of the Navigator, The Jungle Book, Volt, Aladdin, Wreck It Ralph, Tangled, Beauty and the Best, Robin Hood, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, Mary Poppins and The Little Mermaid. Lots of films, lots of Disney talk, and a few technical difficulties, but still a good show.

Fantasia Episode kicks off with a lot of listener feedback covering favorite Disney films, 2D vs 3D, Snow White’s horrible singing voice, and the beginning of an amusing gag for Swinimer. From there, they move on to news-the passing of Dick Jones (the voice of Pinocchio), a live action Dumbo movie, and casting for Frozen characters in Once Upon A Time. Then they dive into trivia for the main discussion, Fantasia. I didn’t realize Disney had a whole campaign for the movie involving specialized Fanta audio systems in the theaters. Pretty interesting. Also interesting is the fun facts, like Fantasia being a big psychedelic hit in the 60’s. The main discussion includes a song by song breakdown of each of the major sequences of the film. As someone who has actually never scene the movie, they do a good job of describing and creating interest. I’m now intrigued enough to make some time to see this one. Last but not least, they also talk about harpy nipples and topless centaurs. If that doesn’t do it for you, nothing will.

Geek Out Loud: Patreon Day Episode is hosted by Steve, Riley and Bethany as they talk some Star Wars and speak with special guests such as Marcus, Jimmy Mac and Teresa Delgado. Steve and Marcus recount some fun Celebration III stories, Jimmy Mac stops by for a quick shoutout, and Steve, Riley and Bethany delve into Star Wars, and Teresa shows up for some Star Wars and Transformers talk (spoiler free). It’s a nice, free flowing discussion with plenty of stuff for Star Wars fans.

Jedi Journals: July 2014 Episode features lots of lit news and coverage of all the upcoming Star Wars Rebels stuff and more. Jonathan Wilkins joins them for the entire show as they rundown news, recent acquisitions, and Star Wars Insider. Jonathan gives some nice insight on what will be in the next issue.

Know What I’m Saying: Revenge of the KWIS starts off with some Star Wars Weekends tales from Steve and his adventure picking blueberries at night. Karl mentions he’s back in a Batman kick which leads him to discussing his love of the Dark Knight Trilogy. Then Karl drops a bombshell about something that happened at Star Wars Celebration VI. In Steve’s words, Karl’s a manwhore. Yes, I was laughing out loud at this. Fun episode and worth checking out.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 7.4.2014 includes Anklegate updates, news on a possible flashback scene in Star Wars Episode VII for Billie Lourd (Carrie Fisher’s daughter), Andy Serkis’ production company doing special effects work for the film, and they cover a stormtrooper incident in Kansas where a blaster was mistaken for a real gun. Jimmy Mac has a report from PfieferCon, an event showing off one collector’s impressive Star Wars collection, and the show wraps up with the Billy Dee quote of the week. Good episode.

Rock Out Loud: We’ve Got You Covered dives into cover songs, but starts out with some listener feedback. I did not know Bon Jovi did a cover song of “With A Little Help From My Friends”. I’m a big fan of Joe Cocker’s version of that song, so it was pretty cool to hear a clip of Bon Jovi doing it. So cool that I had to rush home and listen to the whole thing. Other revelations in this episode included learning that Quiet Riot “Cum On Feel the Noize” is a cover song. It’s originally done by some group called Slade. Whether you like cover songs or not, this a good episode to tune in to. It’s interesting to hear all the songs and some of the stories behind them.

Star Wars Action News: Episode 428 has a long rundown on San Diego Comic Con Star Wars exclusives, so collectors heading to SDCC will want to check this episode out. For those heading to the fan breakfast, they go through all the giveaway items that will be available. Plus they run through the Star Wars panels that will be at the convention. Also in this show, Arnie reviews the Sideshow Snowtrooper Premium Format Figure.

Reviewed By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.

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