Give Us Legends: August 2nd

July 10, 2014 at 4:48 pm | Posted in Books, Events, News, Random House, Star Wars, Star Wars Books, Star Wars News | 3 Comments


Mark August 2nd on your calendars, Star Wars Expanded Universe fans. The community is joining together with Give Us Legends to let Lucasfilm and Del Rey know that we want to see the Legends line continue. For those who want another X-Wing novel, for those who want to see Thrawn one more time, and for those who want to see Sword of the Jedi reach bookshelves, August 2nd will be the day to make yourselves heard. Just hit Facebook and Twitter and spread the word #GIVEUSLEGENDS. Be sure to hit up Del Rey’s Star Wars Facebook page, their Twitter handle @DelReyStarWars, the official Star Wars Facebook page and Twitter handle @starwars, and they’re also pushing for the Star Wars Rebels Facebook page and Twitter handle @starwarsrebels.

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  1. I like the Legends stories and would love to see another Cade Skywalker story.

    That said, it makes no business sense for Disney/Lucasfilm to publish any new Legends stories at this point in time. If you are a studio putting out movies with audiences in the millions, and you made a big announcement that all of the new story material will be consistent, why would you muddy the waters and use your limited resources on a project that is not part of the new canon?

    Fans of solely Legends material probably number in the tens of thousands at best. Readers are already a minority of the film/TV audience, and a lot of them are happy to read canon or Legends stories, or they just want the new canon stories.

    I am definitely more excited for the new stories that have the freedom to take Star Wars fiction in brand new directions while keeping what worked from the older stories and setting.

    By all means, tell the people in charge your point of view if you want Legends stories that badly, but do not expect to see them until or unless there is a lull between movies coming out.

  2. What basically happened, here, was that Disney stole away Star Wars, and destroyed it. If the Legends storyline never continues, there IS no more Star Wars. What we now have is an inferior Disney reboot that pretty much amounts to a bad fan-fic.
    It’s sickening that they put people in charge of this, who know nothing about Star Wars, who know nothing about what hardcore fans want.

  3. I totally agree,I thought Disney originally said any Novels that they didn’t accept as canon could still be written as long as it was agreed that it was published as a non canon Star Wars book in an Expanded universe. I’ve been brought up on the Star Wars books series such as the new Jedi order, legacy of the force & fate of the Jedi. Surely this can’t be the end??? I read Cruicible & X wing Mercy kill but there has to be more…surely Disney can be reasoned with????

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