Roqoo Depot, In A Bookstore Near You

July 9, 2014 at 6:05 am | Posted in Books, Random House, Star Wars, Star Wars Books | 2 Comments
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While it may be shameless self-promotion, I can’t help but geek out over the fact that Roqoo Depot is now on the back of three Star Wars book covers. If you start checking out the latest paperback Star Wars novels, you’ll notice some review blurbs on the back. You’ll find Roqoo Depot on Troy Denning’s Star Wars: Crucible, Tim Lebbon’s Dawn of the Jedi: Into the Void, and Drew Karpyshyn’s The Old Republic: Annihilation.

Roqoo Depot SW




How cool is that? It’s such a strange world when a fansite can wind up on a book. And while you’re checking out Star Wars books covers, be sure to check out the other paperbacks. I know fellow Star Wars fansite made one cover. Have fun hunting!

Posted By: Skuldren for Roqoo Depot.


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  1. Haha very cool! Congrats :D

  2. Very cool! Huge congrats, that is pretty major!

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