ThreeA’s Nod to Star Wars

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ThreeAAs a toy collector, ThreeA is pretty much my pride and joy. They make some awesome stuff and their World War Robot line is hard to beat. With gritty looking robots and soldiers who look like they were pulled out of some horrific, World War I nightmare, it’s the stuff that makes a collector drool. Their attention to detail, the amount of articulation, and their level of quality is the sort of thing that creates a loyal fanbase. When the company’s co-creator designed a prototype for a 6-inch scale stormtrooper and Boba Fett, it was almost a dream come true. Sadly those figures did not go into production, however, collectors may be getting a second chance of sorts: the Lonely Star Warrior Concept TK.

Three weeks ago, Ashley wood teased some images of stormtrooper helmeted figures.



Now they’ve released photos of the full figures and a name to go with them.

lonely-star-warriors star-warriors-in-package star-warriors-with-square

The figures will be on display at PARCO X and Wonderfest in Japan. From the looks of things, there will be four different colorways for the figures (ThreeA is known for doing multiple colorways for almost all of their toys). For collectors not familiar with ThreeA, these Star Warrior figures are a part of the Tomorrow Kings line which generally focuses on anime style characters. No word yet on when these will be available for pre-order or what the price point will be, but they’ve definitely caught my interest.

If you’d like to find out more about ThreeA, you can check out their website for lots of pics of their various toy lines.

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