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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:E3 and Star Wars Weekends” starts off with a lot of geek movie and tv news, some Gremlins trivia, the upcoming Phineas and Ferb Star Wars episode, and some story info on the cancelled Star Wars Underworld tv show. Later in the show, they talk with Justin Cavender (Geek Legacy) about E3 and the games showcased there, and Aaron Harris (Coffee with Kenobi) who talks about Star Wars Weekends and Mark Hamill. Great show as always.

Disney Vault Talk: Episode 1 covers Snow White. Now I’m not much of a Disney Fan, but when Steve Glosson and Teresa Delgado team up for a podcast, I’m onboard. Now this being their first episode, they’re still working out the kinkds, but it’s a good episode. They reveal how they first got introduced to Disney, how the idea for the podcast came about, Teresa’s talks a little about Walt Disney, and they cover current Disney news before diving into the main discussion: Snow White. Not only do they share their opinions on the movie, but they also share a lot of cool trivia that I really enjoyed. From the names of the rejected dwarves to why Dopey doesn’t speak, there’s a lot of cool info. So, whether you’re a huge Disney fan or just a fan of the hosts, this is an episode worth giving a listen.

Episode 2 covers Pinocchio. They start out with some feedback, touch on tidbits, then head into the Pinocchio discussion including history (the film was originally a flop), fun facts (Mel Blanc was called in to voice Geppetto’s cat but all his lines were cut), and their opinions on the film. Get your Disney on and have fun, this episode has you covered.

Full of Sith: Episode LXX covers the Rian Johnson news as they talk about the films and tv work he’s done and how that might translate into a new Star Wars movie. They also cover the documentary “The People vs George Lucas 2” which, I agree, seems like a really dumb idea. Plus Bobby finishes off TCW season 5 in “Late to the Party”. Tricia fills in for Mike in this episode, and all around, it’s a good show to check out.

Episode LXXI dives into more news and rumors. They talk about Harrison Ford’s ankle injury, Geena Davis’ role in Star Wars Episode VII roles being gender swapped, and more. Bobby also wraps up the “Late to the Party” segment with the Younglings arc and TCW season 6. As always, a fun listen.

RebelForce Radio: Episode 6.20.2014 has coverage of Harrison Ford’s ankle injury including comments from his son, then jumps into a discussion of the Art of Ralph McQuarrie: ARCHIVES kickstarter. They interview Stan Stice of Dreams & Visions Press who talks about working with Ralph McQuarrie, putting the book together, and all the goodies fans can get in on via the kickstarter. Other topics in this show include Mark Hamill at Star Wars Weekends, the Millennium Falcon’s fuzzy dice, Simon “freaking” Pegg, and more.

The Wampa’s Lair: Episode #90 starts off with the match results for Owen Lars vs. Willrow Hood with a ton of feedback from the listeners. Then Jason recaps Phoenix Comic Con. Afterwards, they discuss the five Star Wars celebrities they’d most like to meet. Fair warning, Karl tries out a new mic in this episode and I think he may have recorded too close to it. Otherwise, pretty decent episode.

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