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Here is this week’s Podcasts in Review.

Assembly of Geeks:To Nerdrage or Not to Nerdrage” features special guest host Jen Rhodes (Anomaly Podcast) as they talk about the TMZ Star Wars photos, what they want to see return to Star Wars Episode VII, and what they don’t want to come back. Plus there’s the news that Billy Dee Williams will indeed be doing voicework for Star Wars Rebels. They also cover the news of the two new Star Wars actresses and explore how this reflects on the initial complaints of there not being enough women. Wrapping up their Star Wars coverage is the Leia campaign for more Leia Disney merchandise. Aside from Star Wars, they get into the Ant Man movie and change of writers, Ghostbusters’ theatrical re-release on August 29th, the She-Hulk controversy stirred up by David S. Goyer, and their spoiler free thoughts on X-Men: Days of Future Past. A great episode to listen to for well rounded coverage of all things cool.

Bombad Radio: Episode 151 marks third anniversary. They cover their murky origins, jump into some DC superhero discussion, compare some of the best and worst third movies in a trilogy, and then speak with special guest Diamond Dallas Page. DDP of course talks about wrestling, how he got started, hitting the big time, and also talks about how he got into the whole Yoga thing and the success he’s had with DDP Yoga. I’m a bit of a wrestling fan, so I really dug the interview.

Bombad Radio’s June Free-For-All has an awesome panel of hosts including Dan Zehr and Cory Clubb from Coffee with Kenobi and Juno Eclipse voice actress Nathalie Cox. As can be expected, they get into a lot of fun discussions. They talk (spoiler free) about Godzilla and director Gareth Edwards who is slated for the first Star Wars stand-alone film. They talk about his writer Gary Whitta, about J.J. Abrams and what they expect from him in Star Wars Episode VII considering all the good things he’s done so far. They touch on Cloverfield, Lost, and even lament the lack of The Force Unleashed III. I highly recommend checking this episode out for some great discussion.

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